Borrego Springs, CA

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The battle begins!

Do you like rodents? I don't mind rodents as long as they stay in their natural habitat (read as outside my rig!). I bet you can guess what my battle is. Colin, the volunteer from England, told me he was trapping up to four mice a night in his trailer this past week. I hadn't seen any evidence in my rig, but I loaded up two traps with peanut butter just in case. Around 9:00 last night, Emma and I heard an unusual noise from under the kitchen sink. Sure enough, a little furry creature bit the dust. Later in the evening, Emma flew across the rig and dove under the steering wheel. I didn't see anything, but she's usually sound asleep by then. Hmmm....looks like I'll have to work more aggressively to overcome the onslaught.

Toward that end, I looked for more mouse traps while I was out shopping this afternoon. I can't stand those wooden traps with the spring and lever. They just make me nervous to set up. I have two plastic traps that accomplish the same thing without a danger of "catching" my fingers. Of course, I couldn't find any of the plastic traps today, but I bought four glue traps instead. I hope they have improved the glue on those things. When I tried them about five years ago, I ended up with a pile of fur on the trap and a half bald mouse running around the house!

Anyway, I'm going to put one under the hood of the motorhome and a couple in the basement storage compartments tomorrow. I will prevail!

The other challenge for the day was to somehow get more heartguard pills for Emma. She is due to have one on the 17th, and I don't have any left. When I lived in Minnesota and New York, heartguard was only needed six months of the year. Now, I have to have Emma on them all year since I am seldom in an area without mosquitoes. I eventually found the vet where I took Emma when she first came to me (she was dumped on this refuge two years ago). I brought all my vet records along, and after calling the vet in Lago Vista, TX, they allowed me to buy another six month supply to the tune of $44. If I were in the Rio Grande Valley this year, I'd just go down to Mexico and get the same thing for $17, but since I'm not, I paid the price.

The weather continues to be overcast and rainy with increasing winds from the north. There may be some sun by the weekend. I sure hope so.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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