Borrego Springs, CA

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A simple pleasure

Those of you that are not fulltime RVers, may not appreciate how a normal shower can truly be a pleasure. When I shower in the motorhome, I turn the shower on to get wet all over. Then I turn off the water to soap up, before rinsing off. Next, turn the water off to shampoo my hair, and then rinse once again. I do this for two reasons...I have a limited supply of hot water, and I need to keep the moisture level down inside the rig to avoid the possibility of mold. I do run an exhaust fan while showering, but it makes the soaping up times a little brisk (especially in winter!).

There is a shower in the community building, but I haven't used it until today because the fire guys that live in trailers here use it and leave all their towels and soap, etc., on all the bathroom hooks and inside the shower. That kind of gets on my last nerve. They left town for the holidays last Thursday, but all their crap is still in the bathroom. Each site alternates cleaning the building each week, and when Anne cleaned this week she moved all their stuff to the second bathroom that doesn't have a shower. So, today I basked in the luxury of taking a shower without having to turn the water off several times. I'd sort of forgotten how nice that can be. It's been a while since I had that option.

When I use a community shower, I carry in my soaps and towels and shower shoes, and carry them out again when I'm done. These young guys need to be a little more thoughtful about their actions. (including putting the toilet seat down ;)) You can be sure I will mention it to them when they return. Sorry about the little rant, but they are supposed to be adults and I'm not their mother!

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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  1. We do tend to take for granted our wonderful showers with lots of hot water and good pressure. Glad you had a chance to enjoy it again, without all the stuff lying around.