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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Mayo Clinic

If you have never been to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, it is worth a visit. Besides the fantastic medical expertise, the grounds of the clinic are beautiful. Outdoor gardens and artwork abound. Many of the hallways are marble, and it's almost like a city unto itself in the subway labyrinth. It is a grand place to visit even if you don't have medical issues. Around mid morning to early afternoon there is also live grand piano music supplied in one of the huge waiting areas, and you can get to both hospitals and all the medical buildings through underground tunnels or overhead enclosed walkways. This is especially nice during the bitter winters that can occur here. Besides medical buildings, there are also restaurants and various clothing and shoe stores, and boutiques. The walkways and tunnels also attach to the parking garages and hotels. Quite often you'll be in a waiting area with celebrities or rich shieks.

On the medical side, patient handling and expiditing has been honed to a science. As an example, the total time from entering the door to leaving today for my mammogram was about twenty minutes! Think how much time the normal person sits waiting for their appointment, and this is astounding.

I got a few appointments out of the way today, made arrangements to have warranty work on the rig done, and enjoyed a great lunch at the Sky Dragon Buffet in downtown Rochester. In all my travels, I have not found a Chinese Buffet to compare with the excellent food served here. The lunch buffet is $5.99, and worth every penny.

I just got a call from the kennel where Emma is staying, and the owner has just returned home. So, it's off to pick up my companion before it gets dark.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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