Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, September 27, 2009

2nd post-family pics & best sunset

I guess there's a first for everything, and tonight I'm doing a second post in one day. Mostly it's pics of the granddaughters, but there is one great sunset picture.
Robyn, Dennis, Avery, and Phoebe came out to my site at Indiana Dunes State Park today. I knew Avery would have a great time since my site is mostly sand. What kid doesn't like playing in the sand?
Here's Avery and her Dad...
and Avery trying to climb into the RV...
We can't forget about one month old Phoebe; smiling for her Grandma...
In the meantime, Avery had discovered Emma's perch on the dashboard. You can really watch what's happening in the campground from this perch.
A bird's eye view....no wonder this is Emma's favorite spot!
The weather forecast for tomorrow calls for high winds and possible showers. I'll check it out first thing in the morning. I won't drive if the winds are bad. So, maybe I'll head for Moline, IL, and maybe I won't...
I just had to share my best Mississippi sunset with you from my last night at Grant River COE campground, in Wisconsin, last Sunday.
Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy


  1. I'm now using this sunset picture as the background on my laptop. It was a spectacular experience to see this sunset!