Borrego Springs, CA

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First real day on the job at Balcones

I spent Monday catching up on those little chores around the rolling house that aren't exciting, but are essential...things like dumping the tanks, vacuuming, and tightening down screws that had become loose during travels. This was done in between showers. There was more rain yesterday than had been experienced here since last October. Still, it only amounted to maybe a half an inch. This area has been in a more than extreme drought for the last 17 months.

I did watch the first half of the Westminster Dog Show last night, and will watch the second half tonight. Emma didn't show any interest, and it was obvious today that it didn't have any positive effect on lessening her over exuberance. ;)

This morning, I headed out for the office for my first real day on the job, and spent the entire day inventorying and organizing the educational programs about birds. I worked with fellow volunteer Connie. We will also be doing the same thing for the bug programs some other day. I talked to Chuck, the biologist, and tomorrow I'll be starting some bird censusing out at Warbler Vista. I'm sure I'll enjoy that more than the inside work. Chuck and Rob seem to be somewhat at odds as to where I will be doing most of my work. I signed up to work with Chuck on bird stuff. Seems I may have to make this more clear to Rob.

There is a tornado watch posted for this area this evening. I folded up my chairs and put them under the motorhome before coming in this evening. Hope the high winds pass me by.

Time for the dog show!

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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