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Monday, February 23, 2009

As the World Turns...

Do you remember that soap opera, "As the World Turns"? I think that was my "distant" cousin Jean's claim to fame back in the fifties. I'm not sure if it was "As the World Turns" or "The Edge of Night." It was whatever soap that came out of Chicago and she had a minor role at some time. I'm also not sure why she was always referred to as "distant" cousin Jean. I grew up in a rather small family, so how distant could she be? She didn't live far from us in Chicago and we had cousins that weren't distant in Peoria! It's funny where your mind goes at times.

Anyway, as the world turns in the hill country of Texas, the winds have also changed. They started to come out of the south this afternoon with the promise of warmer temperatures. It was only 25 when I got up this morning, but tonight it is only supposed to get down in the forties. I'm happy with that.

I made a trip to Cedar Park late this morning for groceries and stopped at an A & W for lunch while I was there. I could tell I was in Texas because there were jalapeno peppers in little bags that could be added to your entre. I, of course, passed on that opportunity! I'd like to find a good Chinese place to eat. People rave about Texas BBQ, but I can say that I've had my fill of that fare. I'm planning to go to Fredricksburg in the near future to enjoy a good German meal.

I had to refill the bird feeder today. That's encouraging. The goldfinches have also definitely found the sock with the niger seed. Maybe I'll be able to get some pictures soon. I really enjoy the black-crested titmice.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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