Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shopping around

My present laptop is as slow as molasses in January.  I also had some issues with it yesterday due to an email from my brother.  It turns out he didn't send me an email, but I got one anyway with gremlins in it.  After visiting my daughter last week and seeing how fast things happen on their computer, I have decided that it is time to upgrade.  To that end, I traveled to Best Buy today to check things out.  I found a new laptop with a larger screen that I really liked.  It has a larger hard drive than I'll ever use up, and several other features that I really like.  I controlled myself today and didn't buy it.

This evening, I checked the Dell internet site to see what I could find.  I compared that to what I saw at Best Buy, and then called both my oldest son, Daniel, and my son-in-law, Dennis, for their input.  Both of them seemed to be in agreement with me about the computer at Best Buy.  So, tomorrow, I think I'll go back to Cedar Park and pick it up.  It may be a challenge for me to get everything transferred from this computer to the new one, but I'm hoping I can do it.  I guess this means I won't have time to do the dishes while I wait for something to upload.  :)  That would be a treat!

Eventually, the clouds dissipated today, and by the time I got back to the rig the sun was shining.  I pulled out my rocker from storage and enjoyed a couple of hours outside rocking and basking in the almost warm temperatures.  Emma enjoyed the rain free time, also.  While I was in town, I did some grocery shopping so I'm ready for the Super Bowl Potluck on Sunday.  I also found very large, wild, gulf shrimp for $5.99/pound.  Wild gulf shrimp taste so much better than farm raised shrimp.  Can't wait to have some shrimp scampi!

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. What a nice way to complaint and complements of shopping.

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  2. Hi Judy,

    Love your site. I am still trying to get caught up on it. At 2-7-09, but can't wait to read the rest. Gypsy gave me the heads-up on your site and I am glad she did. Don and Pidge