Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Making a concession to age

As time marches on, we must all deal with our changing physical abilities.  I remember my mother telling me that her mother felt frustrated when she came to the point that she didn't seem to have the strength to do things that were so easy and natural at a younger age.  Yes, I can relate to that.  I just don't have the strength that I used to, or the balance that I used to.  I use a walking stick now if I'm hiking through uneven terrain, but I push on.  I've adjusted to those changes.

I've always had pretty good eyesight.  Yes, I had to get reading glasses in my fifties, but doesn't everyone?  But, today is the day that I conceded that I needed to wear glasses just about all of the time.  I thought I could still see good, but today while I had my driving glasses on I noticed a hawk up in the sky.  I took my glasses off as I grabbed my binoculars.

 When I looked back up into the sky I couldn't find that hawk.   I put my glasses back on, and there it was!  Oh, oh............

That meant I had to fold those eye cups down and look through the binoculars into the sky with my glasses on.  And guess what?  I found that beautiful red-tailed hawk easily!

So my concession to advancing age is that I guess I need to wear those glasses all the time.  That's not easy for me to take, but if it's going to interfere with my birding, I guess I'll adjust.  :)  I can just hear my daughter, Robyn, saying "Boo hoo, so sad, deal with it!"  OK, ok, I'll deal with it.  I just hope my hearing doesn't take a dive in the near future.  I guess I'll have to get a new picture for the header of this blog with me wearing glasses.

The birds are emptying my feeders daily.  I may have to get a job to afford the birdseed!

Thought I'd include a picture of both the male (on right) and female house finch tonight so you can see the difference.  They are already beginning courtship activities, so spring must be on it's way.

After work today, I got a little help setting up an exterior propane tank to my extend-a-stay hookup so I won't have to move the rig in order to get more propane.  Temps have been unusually low in Texas this winter and continue to be below freezing at night.  That auxiliary tank means I can be as warm as I like in the rig.  It's an easy task to take the tank for a fill up compared to packing up and moving the whole rig.  I've certainly made good use of that extend-a-stay hookup that I bought at Anahuac in December.

I leave you with tonight's sunset....not too shabby!

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. That sunset is exquisite!

    If you are just now needing to wear glasses for distance, consider yourself lucky!

  2. I agree whole heartedly with Gypsy (-O-O-)