Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fame is on the horizon! :)

The cloudy and rainy weather continued again all day today.  I headed down to headquarters this morning to go through a brief orientation.  Since I volunteered here last spring, that took about two minutes.  I talked to Chuck, the refuge biologist, and it looks like I'll be doing bird surveys again this year...SWEET!  I'll also be getting together with the refuge intern to introduce her into the wonderful world of birdwatching.  That means trips outdoors to develop her skills.  She doesn't even have a pair of binoculars yet.  This is going to be a tough assignment (read as how lucky can I get?).  Between those two assignments, preparing for the bird tours I'll be leading, and doing a few education programs, I'm pretty well set with my work assignments for the next three months.  How do I feel about that?  I'm as happy as a pig in a mud wallow, or as happy as a kid in a candy store!  How happy are you?  Let me know that you're as happy as a ...........in a ..............  I'd like to know a few more cliche's.

At most refuges,and many state and national parks, I've been at I've picked up a bird list as soon as I've arrived.  The bird list I got at Balcones Canyonlands NWR last year was six pages of paper, printed on both sides.  That's not very practical for carrying with you as you're out and about looking for birds.  Most places have a compact pamphlet that's easy to carry and check off the birds you see as you see them.  While I was down for my orientation this morning, I was introduced to....

the new, hot off the press bird list for Balcones.  What an improvement this is!  I took it back to the rig with me, and this afternoon began checking off the birds that I remembered seeing last year.

As I got to the last page, I was surprised to see my name in print as a contributor to this publication.  OKAY!  Now you're reading a blog by a famous person.... :)  don't you feel lucky?

Later in the afternoon, I opened an email from my brother which immediately resulted in all kinds of bells and whistles going off with the antivirus and antispyware I have on my computer.  It took some time to run a check, but I'm not confident everything was cleaned up.  There have been a number of glitches with the computer since then.  Since I have been thinking of getting a new laptop before long, this mess might just hasten my purchase.  I'll be calling my son-in-law tonight for his opinion on what might be best for me.  So, if I get this posted tonight, I'll be happy.  It could be a few days before I'll be able to do so again.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy

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