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Friday, March 12, 2010

A matter of vanity?

In the summer of '08, I bought a couple of pairs of gym shoes while in Vernal, Utah.  Both pairs turned out to be very comfortable even though they were different sizes.  One pair was size 8, and the other was 8.5.  Fast forward to last November when I ordered four pairs of these same shoes online.  Of course, I ordered the smaller size.  After spending three months trying to break in the new shoes, I've come to the conclusion that I should have ordered the larger size, especially on the uneven trails I travel in the Texas hill country.

So, the other day I broke down and ordered two more pairs online in the larger size.  I know I ordered the smaller size originally as a matter of personal vanity.  How dumb was that?  Ugh!  On the bright side, the three brand new pairs that I've never worn aren't a total loss.  This shoe company will take back unworn shoes for up to one year if you have the original boxes.  Who knows why I kept these shoes in their boxes when normally I discard any extraneous weight in the rig!  You also have to include the original packing slip from the company in order to make a return.  Can you believe that I accidentally ran across the slip while looking for some income tax papers?  What a stroke of luck.  I normally don't save packing slips either.  So now I'm a happy camper, albeit with larger feet.  :)

I had today off so I spent it doing some chores around the rig, playing on the computer, and going to the post office to send my old laptop off to my oldest son, Daniel.  He has spent the last year going back to college at night to earn his bachelor's degree.  He doesn't have a laptop, so my old one will help him with his schooling.  I'm proud of him for sticking to his goal of staying in school.  You are never too old to make personal improvements.

Last night's sunset turned out to be rather nice, but I couldn't pick just one shot that I liked best, so....

I've included the whole progression.

You'll have to pick your own favorite...
and remember that you can double click on any photo to enlarge it.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy

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  1. Beautiful sunset pictures - all of them!

    I need new gym shoes so bad but I can never find any to fit me. I have a wide foot with a narrow heel, and they just don't make shoes like that any more! I'm glad you found everything you need to send back the unused shoes.