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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Georgetown Naturalists Club

This morning, I met ten members of the Georgetown Naturalists Club at Doeskin Ranch for a bird tour.  Since it was a Thursday morning, I guessed that most of those attending would be retired, and I was correct.  Not only were they retired, but some had been retired for a long time.  ;)  I always use one of my diamond willow walking sticks when I do the bird surveys because the terrain is uneven and my balance isn't what it used to be.  So, I brought along several extra sticks and two people took me up on my offer to borrow them.  I'm certainly glad they did, as one woman in particular may have taken a fall without having the physical support of both the stick and her husband.

We did about a two mile hike, but didn't have much luck seeing birds.  The morning was gorgeous, however, and everyone appeared to enjoy the refuge.  None of these folks had ever been here before, so since there really weren't any birds to look at, I filled in the time with a history of the refuge and information about our two endangered species.  They, of course, were hoping to see them, but I told  them before we started out that they were about a month too early.  The golden-cheeked warblers should have been arriving this week, but so far nobody has seen or heard one.

As they were packing up to head to IHOP for breakfast, they gave me a donation for the refuge, and a small gift for me for leading the tour.  The little gift resulted in some ribbing from the other volunteers since it turned out to be a bottle of shower gel.  They wouldn't let it rest that perhaps I needed to take a shower! 

After the tour, I stopped at the Flying X to see how things were going in preparation for tonight's bar-b-q.  It turns out that the Secretary of the Interior of the United States will be attending the meal tonight.  The last couple of days, all the staff, and many volunteers, have been busy sprucing up headquarters for the expected visit. 

I'm expected to attend the bar-b-q, but it doesn't even start until 6:30, and it's up at the Flying X which is 14 miles away.  Since I am not comfortable driving after dark, I've decided to pass on this opportunity.  Perhaps if it was the President that was coming to visit I'd make an exception.  :)

You might wonder why I just don't hitch a ride with my new neighbor in the A-frame shaped little camper.  Well, let me put it this way.  This gentleman is about as social as a dead fish!  :(  In ten days, we have shared perhaps three words.  I have not been pushy or in his face, but he has been totally unresponsive, won't even respond to a wave.  A very private individual, and I doubt that he'll even go.

So, Emma and I will try to get some sunset photos this evening.  The mixture of clouds on the horizon look promising.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy

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  1. I don't drive in the dark either, but I make a few exceptions for roads that I know very well. It's too bad about your neighbor - it would be so much more enjoyable to have someone you could at least exchange pleasantries with once in a while.