Borrego Springs, CA

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yesterday's challenges almost resolved :)

When I woke up today and checked my email, I received many comments and suggestions on how to overcome the two challenges from yesterday.  RICK, of http://rickpaulettervjournal.blogspot.com/ , had given me very clear and precise directions for getting my photos to be the right size to use as my desktop background.  He’s the guy to go to if you are having any questions about your blog or computer questions in general. Thanks, Rick, you really got my day started off on the right foot.  :)

The consensus of the rest of the comments was that my hot water tank problem was a result of a bad check valve.  I thank all of you for your input.  My neighbor, Jim, and I set to work to see if we could access the rear of the hot water tank.  Apparently, it is often located in a place that is very hard to get to.  I have to say that Jim did most of the work while I just paid attention and learned a few things.  :)
IMG_1953 IMG_1954
I was lucky.  The tank was located below the entertainment center, and slightly behind the bench seat.  All we had to do was remove a cabinet door and a panel to gain easy access.  There are two check valves on the back of the unit.  The bottom one is the incoming cold water valve, and the top one is the outgoing hot water valve.  The top one was the culprit.  Jim had the correct sized wrenches, and after turning off the water and releasing the pressure in the tank, he removed the valve.  We checked to see that it wasn’t clogged, and that all the three parts were in tack.  It wasn’t and they were.  :)  Jim reinstalled it and we gave it a try…still no water through the faucet.  Next, he removed the valve again, and this time took out two of the inside parts.  Then he put the brass part back on and we tried again.  This time, the water came through!  So my mission tomorrow will be to find a replacement valve.  I may have to drive all the way to Idaho Falls to find one, but I’m determined.  :)  So that mystery is solved thanks to Jim and your comments.

This evening I attended a potluck in the campground at the site of friends Gordon and Juanita Pierce.  Gordon and Juanita started fulltiming the same year I did and we are all Escapees members.  Gordon’s blog is the reason I chose this RV Park for my stay near Yellowstone.  There were about 16 people in attendance, and we all had a great time socializing and enjoying the abundant food.  Luckily, the rain held off until just a few minutes ago.

I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out today.  It’s great to have newly made friends that offer to help you out in a bind.  I love this RV life style.  :)

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Judy! Glad everything worked out for your problems. That check valve issue doesn't sound like it's going to be very expensive either!

  2. Thank goodness for a good neighbor like Jim, but I hope you took notes and watched closely, then you can repair it yourself the next time, I even do that when I pay someone at home to fix or repair something that I can't,I knew from your description what I would be looking for If I was parked next to you, you gave a clear description of the problem, that is probably the most important thing when a problem comes up.See you can be really the Handy woman when you want to be. or have to be. You can also depend on Emma to supervisr like Rigg's did when I was under & in the kitchen sink. Be safe out there and Good luck and no more problems for awhile. Sam & Donna. PS the pictures you took of the job were a great way to remember how to do it the next time and when you get the replacement valve. Good work....

  3. You're so fortunate to have someone step in and help like that.Hot water tanks can be a mystery. We didn't have electric for the first 3 years. It was just a loose wire.

    That photo in your header is just beautiful!

  4. Your Grand Teton photos are beautiful. I think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
    I'm also having problems with pictures sizing with a new camera. Is it possible to send a link to the detailed instructions you were given? It would be a great help!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  5. whee hee on your team efforts at troubleshooting and finding the problem. Great job!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Aren't RVers Helpful?!!
    You are so lucky to have a neighbor that is so knowledgeable about water heaters!
    I just loved your Teton pics! Looks like it was a perfect day for photography!
    Hugs, Kathy

  7. Judy,

    This is the first time in a long time that I have been able to send you a message. Great photos are your signature. Geez -- even new RVs have problems.

    I have yet to find out what kind of new RV you have?

    Happy 4th of July.

  8. Necessity seems to make handy people out of most of us. Going to dealer with the rig would be out of the question, and living without hot water not a pleasant option either.

    Glad to know there are people willing to help each other out there.

  9. That is one great picture that you are using for your header Judy! And I am so impressed by all the help you received on your problem. Blogging is great and yes, RVing is great too. My husband and I have been on the road for 10 months. We are currently at our third campground host assignment - Morro Strand State Beach. We are focused right now on exploring Central Coast California and expect to be at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park next. You're invited to stop by when you have a moment. I have two blogs - Levonne's Pretty Pics and A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings.

  10. Congratulations on solving your issues. The best thing is always to have someone to help, and that so often seems to happen when you are around fellow RVers.