Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I’m back in business

I headed out early this morning on a mission!  It was about a 100 mile drive to Idaho Falls, and the nearest Best Buy.  After two hours of driving, I took my camera in to the Geeks to see what they thought.  They say the portion of the camera that connects the battery to the components that run the camera are toast. They don’t know the reason this happened.  The bottom line is that my camera isn’t going to work.  I will send it in to Canon to see if it can be repaired, but in the meantime I needed to find a camera that works!  I ended up with a Canon  Rebel XS.  It is similar to what I had with a few advancements in technology in five years.  I wanted a camera that would match the telephoto lens that I already have, and wouldn’t cause me to go into bankruptcy. 

It wasn’t cheap, but I got to thinking on that 200 mile round trip.  Photography is a hobby that gives me a lot of enjoyment, and an average of $100/year isn’t too bad.  I think that’s less than 33 cents/day to keep me happy.  :)  I can live with that.  Anyway, I told the salesman that I’d take one.  Yea, right.  It turns out that they didn’t have any in stock; they were on back order, and it would take over two weeks before they would get a delivery.  :(  I ended up buying the floor model at a discount below the “on sale” price.  When I left Best Buy, the camera was all set up ready to go.
IMG_1346When I was driving to Idaho Falls, the Grand Tetons were brilliant in the morning sun to the east.  On my return trip, some clouds had moved in, but I stopped at an historic marker anyway to give the new camera a try.
IMG_1347The famous Three Tetons are there on the horizon under the clouds.  What a gorgeous day it was for a drive.  I also stopped to investigate a couple of national forest campgrounds on the way back.  I’m not sure I could fit my rig into the camping sites, but the campgrounds were located in the mountains and were the kinds of places I enjoy going.

Once I got home, I took Emma out for a walk and brought the camera along to test it further.
I ended up crawling around on my knees to try to get some shots of the low lying wildflowers that are beginning to bloom in the fields.  I’m going to have to make some adjustments to get used to this camera, but I’ll be working on it.  :)

That little trip to Idaho Falls took me about six hours today, and I was thankful that Pam was able to take Emma for a very long walk while I was gone today.  I know Emma appreciated it also!  She’s sleeping like a rock right now.
IMG_1365 This is tonight’s view to the north of the campground shortly before sunset.

Now that I’m back in business with a camera, I’m feeling pretty good.  If I could just get all the cracks in my fingers to heal up from the cold weather, I’d really be a happy camper!

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Hi..enjoying reading your blog. The pictures you've taken with your new camera are very good. Love that one of the mountains.
    About your fingers, I have the same problem. They hurt like the dickens, I know. So bad that they bleed. I tried every cream known to man and then some. Finally broke down and asked my doctor about them. He prescribed a hydrocortisone cream. It worked GREAT. I noticed that Walmart also sells an 'over the counter' one too. They may help you.

  2. Looks like the new camera is doing a good job, to bad for the expense, now If I could just convince Donna of the necessity of upgrading my little camera to the Canon, I wonder if I could find a shop like Al did that would take my Pentax's in on trade,wouldn't get much but it would bring the bottom line down a bit. who knows. Now on with the tour, and have fun. Sam & Donna.

  3. Your new camera is working just fine Emma. Nice pics for sure. I know well the enjoyment of photography while traveling. What a great hobby we are so fortunate to have. I remember the Grand Teton Mountain range well. Beautiful.

  4. Try putting clear nail polish on the cracks. It seals them.

  5. Judy,

    If you have problems with your hands during the cold weather, try Corn Huskers Lotion. I used it frequently when we were living up in cold country and I had to work outside.

    It worked great for me, and I think you can get it at Wally World.


  6. That new camera looks like its doing a good job.I bet Emma was glad to see you back.

    Keep the pictures coming.

  7. Hi Judy,
    So glad you successfully replaced your camera and had a good day while doing it! I googled the camera and it has great reviews. I liked one that said this camera is "stupid proof"! lol The pictures you've shared so far are sweet!

    So sorry the weather in the park isn't all that great for you. Going back today?

    Happy Trails!

  8. I was depressed thinking that your photos would be ended because of the camera!!! You could certainly spend more money on less enjoyment in life so this was a good purchase, no matter the price. When I had chemotherapy, my fingers cracked on the ends something awful. I applied olive oil frequently (especially before bed) and rubbed it in--it worked quite well.

  9. The pictures are beautiful, and I know you will get your money's worth in enjoyment!

  10. Glad you are with camera again. Your photography give pleasure to more that just you. It is enjoyed by anyone who sees it.

    Please keep comments about what campgrounds you can and cannot use given the size of your rig. Although we haven't gotten anywhere near buying one, I'm more inclined to something in the 35' range, and my husband thinks 40' is just right.

  11. Like your new camera and from the looks of the pics it is doing the job just great!

    When we went full-time Mike bought a Nikon D60 and he bought additional lenses(15-55mm, 55-200mm and 100-500mm) and has really enjoyed learning how to use it and in the process has fallen in love with photograhy. Of course we are learning but having a ton of fun.

    What a beautiful area you are in...one in which you definitely need a camera. Have fun and looking forward to more great pics. :)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)