Borrego Springs, CA

Monday, June 14, 2010

At Home on the Range

We headed out of Red Rock RV Park this morning with Ennis, Montana, as our destination.

As we passed through the sage brush covered valley, we encountered several small herds of antelope.  (click pics to enlarge)IMG_1381

Antelope are pretty skittish, so I’m pleased that I got these shots.
After about an hour’s drive we approached Ennis, Montana.


Our mission there was to go to Resveldt’s Meat Market for authentic German sausage.  Sorry to say, it turned out that the butcher shop was closed on Mondays.  :(  So, after visiting a few of the shops on Main Street, we turned around and headed back to camp. 

As we were driving to Ennis, I had noticed a sign for a National Fish Hatchery along the way.  I suggested we stop there on the way back, and since I was driving, no one objected.  :)  It turned out to be a 7 mile drive up and down a gravel range road to get there.

This is where the 11,000,000 trout come from in Ennis!  This National Fish Hatchery works with six strains of rainbow trout.

IMG_1397 This is the bluff where early Plains Indians herded buffalo over the cliff.  That was probably before the advent of horses.
Pam and Stan had never been to a fish hatchery before, so they found it very interesting.  I enjoyed it since I had volunteered at Bandon Fish Hatchery in Oregon.
We took one of the back roads home that was a little more scenic in this very scenic area.
IMG_1401Henry’s Lake is located just one mile north of our campground.

Emma and I sat outside in the afternoon while I tried to make some more adjustments on the new camera.  I finally got the manual focus set to match my eyes.  I like to use manual focus when I’m using the telephoto lens.  If I use automatic, the camera often focuses on something other than what I’m interested in.  Then I had to practice a little.
Luckily, a few birds were around.  :)  That’s a singing male white-crowned sparrow on the left, and a male black-headed grosbeak on the right.


As I sat at the picnic table, a pair of Cassin’s finches approached very close.  They wanted to use Emma’s water dish for a drink of water.

The weather we had today was the best we’ve had since we left Minnesota.  I hope it continues tomorrow.  Maybe summer is finally on the way in this neck of the woods.

I’d like to thank everyone for the suggestions for my dried out, cracking fingers.  Today I’m trying the cortisone treatment.  I sure hope it works.  :)

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Another great day of pictures, although the display format on my screen is cutting off the ones on the right, but I will figure that out, The Wren family at our place has at least, two babies, the picture Donna took opnly showed one, but this morning I saw another hungry mouth hanging out, I wonder if two is it or if they are taking turns at the little opening. I always thought birds would fight over food with the strongest being the winners and ultimately the survivors. Hey, lets see a picture of your new camera, I am looking at Canons now. Be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  2. Might want to check your camera manual & see if you can set your automatic focusing to one of several programs. Matrix metering etc. For example you can center your subject & then 'lightly' press your shutter button. A beep occurs telling you the auto focus has locked onto the subject. Hold your finger at that same position & now move your camera around to compose your photo better, then fully depress your shutter button to take the picture. The result will be that your subject is still in focus. Not sure if your Canon has this feature but check it out. I rely more on auto focus these days because I can't rely on my eyes anymore. Auto focus is also easier & faster to lock onto moving targets like birds & animals. Pan with the flying bird in the center of your screen & fire. Center focusing should lock onto & focus it. You can later 'Crop' the pic for a better composition......

  3. Great bird pics and a lovely shot of Henry's lake with the snowy mountains!! Aren't the antelope fun to watch?!
    You could also try Bag Balm, it's messy, so have a pair of latex gloves over your hands. Put it on at night, with the gloves, by the morning it will help a whole lot!

  4. awesome pictures, Miss Judy!

    it appears to me that you are learning the camera quite nicely! we have never been to red rocks so early as you, so i'm enjoying seeing the snow-capped mountains.

    have a good day!

  5. More fantastic pictures! Just love the one of Henry's Lake! Now thats Montana!! Nice place to be camped. The antelope are adorable.

    Take care and keep snapping those pics!!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)