Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, June 18, 2010

Back to Yellowstone

The plan for today was to visit the northeast portion of Yellowstone.  Emma and I made it through the construction between Madison and Norris, and headed for Canyon Village. 
That’s where we were to take a left turn and head north toward Tower Fall.  We made it to Canyon, but the road to Tower Fall was closed.  I don’t know why, maybe because of the snow we had yesterday.  So that put a crimp in my plans.  I decided to head south towards Fishing Bridge.  That was another section of the park that I hadn’t driven yet.













The first stop was Sulphur Caldron.  It is aptly named…smells just like rotten eggs!  :(  I couldn’t stop at Mud Volcano since I had Emma with me.  I took a right at Fishing Bridge…

IMG_1590and stopped along Yellowstone Lake for a picnic lunch.  Two weeks ago, when I arrived at Yellowstone, the lake was frozen.  There was not a bit of ice today.  I guess spring has really arrived.

IMG_1592The picture just doesn’t do justice to the view of Yellowstone Lake along the road to West Thumb.












I finally encountered a male elk, until a huge motorhome almost ran into him and he fled.  That guy ruined everyone’s view.  :(


















Because of all the rain lately, and the snow run off, all the rivers and falls are full to capacity and stunning.










You can’t spend a day in Yellowstone without getting some Bison shots.  :)


As I headed for the west entrance, I decided to turn down Firehole Lake Drive again.













This time, two of the geysers were erupting as I traveled by.  You know, they’re almost as spectacular as Old Faithful. 


With the weekend upon us, the RV park has filled almost to capacity.  I think I’ll leave Yellowstone to the weekend warriors for a few days.  I really must clean house and do some laundry.  :(  I think I’ll try to figure out how to use my onboard washer/dryer tomorrow, but if the weather’s as good as today…who knows!

IMG_1598THE END!!!


Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Great pics again Judy. Another RV blogging couple is in Yellowstone at the moment too. Motty & Patty from TraveLiving Journal are motoring around in there somewhere. I have them in our, 'Blogs We Follow' secton. I was only in Yellowstone for 2 rainy days back in the early 90's but sure would like to go back again. I'll just have to be content to see the park through the Travels With Emma blog for now.

  2. Great day ~ more great pictures! It's awesome to see the buffers so shaggy and the elk in velvet! We've never been there as early as you so haven't experienced that!

    We hardly ever use the laundry facilities in a park. There's a laundrymat in West Yellowstone in the back of a convenience store right on the road out of town going west that we've used multiple times... just a thought if you have much laundry! The prices are usually about the same.

    Yesterday in your travles, you passed right by "our spot" that I've blogged about!!!

    Have a good weekend, whatever you and Emma do!!

    another Judy

  3. Thats one great thing about being a full-timer, You can avoid the crowds who have only the weekends and Holidays to be there.

    We experienced that when we went on our rented RV vacation last year, it was mid-May an the vacationeers wern't out in full force yet. If you don't have kids in school it's nice to go places off season.

  4. Yellowstone is our favorite!! It is ALL spectacular! Great photos! Glad you and Emma had a great day and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Yellowstone Lake!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)