Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Red Rock RV and Camping Park

IMG_8607We headed out of Cody, WY, this morning right at 8:00.  It was only a 168 mile journey to get to Red Rock RV and Camping Park, but it took us about six hours to get there.  Thank goodness, the winds were calm, but I had the windshield wipers going for most of the trip.  The rains were light, but it wasn’t fast traveling on the two lane highway.  We had to drive through mountains and a good share of Yellowstone National Park.  We stuck to our plan to just drive through Yellowstone without stopping to see anything.  The driving was actually a lot easier than going through the Big Horn Mountains.
IMG_8603I really like the site I’m in, and the rain held off long enough for me to get all the basic hookups taken care of.  Then the rain began in earnest, so I spent a couple of hours getting all the inside set up done for an extended stay. 
IMG_8604Eventually the rain stopped, and Emma and I went for a walk around the park.  This is the view looking west.
IMG_8605And the view looking east.  You can’t see the mountains because of the clouds.  What a quiet and peaceful place this is!  We are about 20 miles from Yellowstone NP.  After the rain stopped, I put out a couple of bird feeders, and talked to Pam and Stan about what we’ll do tomorrow.  The weather forecast isn’t great, but we’re going to give Old Faithful a try in the morning.  There’s so much to see at this National Park. :)

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy  


  1. Your pictures show the Yellowstone Park area exactly as I remember it because it was raining for the 2 days I was there back in May of 92 as well. I was surprised by the number of burnt trees I saw in Yellowstone as the result of the great fire a few years earlier. Probably all grown over by now. Liked the big wooden lodge at Old Faithful too. Lots of porridge pots bubbling up out of the ground in Yellowstone. Enjoy your time there.

  2. What a great site, this park is really neat, I'll bet Emma loves it with the room to run and walk.you guys are going to love all there is to see in yellowstone. hope this goes out as they are having trouble with Blogger and comments are not going out or being revieved. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Watch out for lightening at Old Faithful--my Mom and her husband are working in YNP for the summer and she told me 7-9 people were struck by lightening there last week, all in a group. YIKES! We are going to Jackson, WY this weekend, it may work out that we can stop and say hello, we will see!

  4. It looks a lot greener at Red Rock than it did in Sept. Raider wishes he could go walking with Emma! He loved all of those trails, barking at the cows and horses! Who in turn would look indignant at him!
    I'll be watching for you on the Old Faithful webcam!

  5. Some day ... sniff ... One of the many places I hope to see. Now that everyone is on the move it is getting interesting to see where they are going.

    I think Paul and Mary (The Great RV Escape) are also at that campground for a month. They have a big Winnebago Tour. If you meet them say hi for me. I'm still dreaming!