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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Two long days at work

Manning the visitor's center of the refuge is my job on the weekends. On Saturday, I put in ten hours and today I did eight hours. My opinion so far...BORING!! There are hardly any visitors that stop in. The only visitors today came for the Sunday afternoon movie. There were eight of them, and they were all members of the Swan Lake Friends group and their relatives. They stayed for the hour watching this week's installment of Planet Earth and then hotfooted it back home. I had a couple of sales yesterday, but nothing today. I brought my computer along with me, so I spent most of today playing solitaire and another word game I have loaded on the lap top. Out of boredom, I vacuumed the whole place yesterday and picked up every visible scrap of litter outside today. I really need to talk to John to see if there isn't something I can do while just sitting there each weekend. Not having anything to do really makes the time drag. :(

On a brighter note, the weather has been interesting. Billowing winds all day with rain in the mornings and hot temps in the afternoon. I didn't get to spend much time outside this evening as another rain front came through just as I was closing things up.

I had a comment about the catfish I found nailed to the telephone pole the other day. Yes, I know this is an accepted method for skinning catfish, but it wasn't near anyplace you would expect someone to be skinning a fish. When I mentioned seeing this fish to the Friends ladies on Friday night, they knew more about it. So, here is the rest of the story....It seems a couple of teenage boys found this huge dead catfish and put it in the back of their pick-up. Then they proceeded to drive around town trying to tell the old timers about their great catch. One look by these seasoned anglers and they declared that it had been dead for some time! They also admonished the boys not to try to fillet this fish, as they had planned, as the meat would surely be rotten. So, I guess the boys just displayed their found trophy on a local pole. Their ruse was up!

That's what I like about small towns...everyone knows about everything that goes on. :) I'll check the sign again, but I think the population of Sumner, MO, is under 200.

My three days of work are done for this week, so now I'll have some time off. I'm planning to visit Pershing State Park this coming week after spending tomorrow doing laundry and attending a welcoming breakfast for the Youth Conservation Corps teens that will be working here for the next eight weeks.

A sidebar to this is that every Monday after First Friday on the refuge, a staff breakfast takes place. The refuge manager, Steve, raises chickens, so I'm told, and supplies all the eggs. I can understand why he has chickens after finding out and meeting, on Friday, his eight kids. I wonder if they also have their own cow???

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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