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Monday, June 22, 2009

A little excitement out in the boonies

Monday is my laundry day here on the refuge (ho hum). I did have an appointment to meet Steve, the refuge manager, at 1:00 for an official tour of the refuge. When I walked over to headquarters, he said to jump in the truck and we headed out for an accident that had happened on one of the refuge roads.

Apparently, a local teen driver had rolled his father's pick-up off of one of the roads. There were two young people in the truck, and, luckily, no one was hurt. The gas was just pouring out of the back of the truck when we arrived.
The young man's father had arrived and was attempting to flip the truck upright when we got there.

Eventually, he was successful. I'm sure this was not a very good day for the young man in the blue shirt! The police and local fire departments were there also. It turned out, that since no one was hurt, the young man only received a citation for expired plates. It could have been much worse.

There was a ton of smoke coming out from underneath the truck as it was backed up to a point where it could be pulled out. The firemen had fire extinguishers at the ready, but didn't need to use them. They eventually towed the truck off the refuge. I hope that fellow has learned a lesson, and will keep his speed down and pay attention to road conditions.
All of this was going on in 95* heat, and after a while, I found one of the refuge vehicles that was running and had the AC on and got inside. Boy, it was hot and muggy! Steve and I spent the next two hours traveling all the back roads of the refuge, and I learned a lot about what goes on here to manage the assorted wetlands.
During our tour, we did quite a bit of talking and it seems Steve is hoping I'll stay into September to help with the school programs. I just may consider that since I have no committments for the fall and I would like to be here for the changing of the colors and the arrival of some of the migrating waterfowl. We'll see what happens....
After talking to my son, Daniel, today, it turns out that he will stop here on his way up to Minnesota to get married. So, I'm looking forward to seeing him on Friday, and will be preparing some shrimp scampi outside on the grill or fire, at his request. I'm sure Emma and Dan's dog, Buddy, will wear themselves out playing with each other. The forecast is for temps in the 90's all week, so they'll probably collapse rather soon (I hope).
Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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