Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Holy Catfish!!!

Today was the day to explore the refuge. I wanted to drive all the roads available and see what there was to see. Many wildflowers are blooming.

This one reminds me of Queen Anne's Lace, but is more of a bush than that.

I think I should know the name of this flower, but I just can't remember.

I did find a roosting area for great egrets and great blue herons on my drive. There was a sign along the way that said the road was closed ahead.

I guess so! There has been a lot of rain here this spring. Just before the flooded area, there was a place to stop and fish on Silver Lake:

I found three similar areas along the road. There was a fisherman and his young daughter at one of the spots, and after a brief chat, I found out that he was interested in catching catfish. I'm not interested in catching any of those fish, so I'll ask around to see if there are other fish that can be caught from shore before I invest in a license.
After turning around at the washed out road, I headed back the way I came and got a glimpse of a young fawn heading into the brush.

I went out the north entrance to the refuge and decided to take the gravel refuge road to the left. I had about three miles to go to get to the main entrance. Have you seen those rural mailboxes that are in the shape of a large mouth bass? Well, I went past a post that reminded me of that. About 100 yards past it, I decided to back up since it didn't quite register as a mailbox. This is what I saw:

Pretty much out in the middle of nowhere was a three and a half foot catfish nailed to a telephone pole! It made me wonder why it was there....perhaps waiting for a call from it's sweetie?? ;)

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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  1. I have seen the thing about catfish nailed to a pole. It is done so that you can skin them.