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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some good news, some bad news

I think I've mentioned that this National Wildlife Refuge hasn't had RV volunteers until this year. Morey and Margaret were the first couple to volunteer here, and I'm the first solo. I think the two nice cement pads were put in last fall. When M & M arrived, the surrounding area was just mud.
I have three good news items:

First, notice the new grass that is growing surrounding the sites. Second, there is a brand new picnic table for my use that was delivered yesterday; and third, this is the fire pit that was put in yesterday so I can enjoy a campfire and do some cooking outside. I do love cooking over a fire. I'm not sure where I'll get the fire wood, but that's a challenge for another day.

I went in to the offices/visitor's center yesterday to talk to John Benson, the volunteer coordinator, to find out my working hours.

It turns out that they only want volunteers to man the visitor's center on weekends. John told me to just enjoy myself on week days. That's quite a shock after having to work 32 hours/week at several NWRs. I think I can deal with that. ;) He assured me that since I am the only volunteer here, he didn't want to work me too hard. I can live with that!

So, that's the good news. On the bad news side (not that it's really bad), I was attacked by three mosquitoes tonight. I expected this might be a problem, but was lucky to enjoy almost a week without those pesky little insects. I broke out the rubbing alcohol and swabbed the lumps tonight.

I dumped the tanks today and did some more laundry. Tomorrow, Emma and I will further explore the refuge in the car. I need to be familiar with the refuge so I can answer questions from visitors this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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  1. That is a really good gig you got going there. Short hours, and they definitely seem to appreciate you. A new table, and a fire pit? Yay!