Borrego Springs, CA

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A break in the weather?

It was another long ten hour day at the visitor's center today. I only had a total of seven visitors, and the outside temps were in the mid nineties. There are supposed to be scattered thunder storms tonight bringing slightly cooler weather for tomorrow...only a high of 85. The air conditioner in the offices couldn't keep up with the heat, and the inside temp rose to 80. I turned on the overhead fan to keep from sweating.

After I closed up, Emma and I sat outside the rig and at least a breeze began to help mediate the oppresive heat. I refilled the bird feeders, and went about a few preparations for my departure on Monday. I dumped the tanks and cleaned and stored the dump hose, which resulted in numerous mosquitoe bites. The spot where I cleaned it was close to the woods and it was near sunset, so I was fresh meat for those little buggers.

After that, I tried my outside CD player once more and was shocked when it worked! I tried it about two weeks ago and couldn't get it to play a CD. That lifted my spirits and I listened to some Peter, Paul, and Mary while I did a few more mud wasp checks. Those wasps are still going into the refrigerator vent, but I can't find any mud tubes. I did find some tubes in the outside area where the dump outlets are, and scraped those off. I also checked another storage area and found some evidence of a rodent chewing on things. I'm hoping my moving to Minnesota for a week will eliminate some of these little challenges. :)

I'm planning on doing laundry and taking down the front sun shades in the morning before going to work. I called Rice Lake State Park today and talked to Joel, the park manager about the possibility of a site being available next week and over the holiday weekend. (I hosted there for seven summers before I retired) and he told me it shouldn't be a problem. I knew all their reservable sites were taken for the 4th weekend. That was a relief to find out. I probably won't post for a few days unless something really unusual happens...........

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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