Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A busy day

Yesterday, Diana, John, and I headed for Marble Falls. I wanted to check out another Walmart to find some rugs, and Diana and John wanted to get some indoor/outdoor carpet to put down outside their rig. We stopped at a sit down (not buffet) Chinese restaurant for lunch that was pretty tasty.

While we were in Home Depot, I decided to try a green outdoor carpet that I could use inside for the dashboard. It doesn't look like grass, and will go with the green carpeting in the motorhome. I bought a piece that was 6' X 8' that I can cut in half and have an extra one for less than what it would cost for the two area rugs I had planned to buy at Walmart.

After chilly overnight temperatures, I turned up the furnace when I got up. After breakfast it was a busy and productive day. Emma and I went for a long hike and then I started on the chores for the day. I cut the green outdoor carpet in half, and with Diana's help, we fashioned a covering for the dashboard that conforms to its shape and will be easy to care for. It looks much better than what I had before, and Emma seems to approve.

Then I went outside and washed the front of the motorhome and the car. I wanted the front windows clean before I put up the sun screens.

John brought over his longer ladder and I was able to put them up without any trouble. They snap on the outside, and I can't quite reach the top to snap them on with my ladder. These black outer shades keep the inside cooler. I can also see out from the inside, but you can't look in from the outside. I didn't want to try to put these up when I was the only one on the hill. I have to balance a footstool on top of my ladder to reach the top, and were I to take a tumble, no one would know if I took a header.

I also did the laundry and worked on several walking sticks. All in all, a productive day.

Emma has a few words to say today:

"Boy oh boy, this is the best place we've been at so far! I get to spend almost all day outside and if I bark occasionally, it doesn't bother anyone. I'm not sure I like those coyotes howling....it makes my hair stand on end. My human and I take long walks everyday and I've found lots of sticks to chew on. We were the only ones here for quite some time, but now my friend John is here and he really likes the way I jump and flip around. Now if I could only figure out how to get Buffy and Lilly to play with me. I can't figure out why they don't like me....."

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy


  1. Hi Judy,
    Its Sue and Vern, and we enjoyed reading about your adventures. Vern wanted to let you know when its time to remove your sun shades, use your awning rod to unsnap those high corners. Hopefully that will keep you from falling!

  2. Thanks Vern and Sue,
    Getting the shades off isn't a problem as I already use the awning rod. It's getting them up that's the challenge!