Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, March 29, 2009

We made it to Fredricksburg

We headed out just before ten, this morning, and had an easy drive ahead of us. By about eleven, we were only about fifteen miles from the KOA where we had reservations, so I gave Diana and John on the phone and suggested we stop at the LBJ National and State Historic Sites. We would pass right by them and the weather had warmed up nicely. I had visited the National Historic Site with my sister in January in some very miserable weather, but Diana and John had never been there.

After stopping in at the visitor's center, we walked to the state historic site which is a nineteenth century farm. After about two hours spent viewing the exhibits and the farm, we headed back to the rigs for a light lunch. We were going to unhook my car and do the drive around the LBJ Ranch that I had done with my sister, but decided to head for the campground instead. Since the ranch is only a short distance away, we can easily do that trip later.

After a total of only 69 miles for the day, we pulled in and got set up pretty quickly. I had my usual problems with getting the DISH to come in, but John came over to give me a hand. We struggled with it for an hour and a half, but eventually locked in to the satellite signal. :(

By that time it was almost 5:30, so I fed Emma, took her for a good walk, and got ready to go out to dinner. We headed into Fredricksburg to eat at the Auslander restaurant. This place was recommended by the campground owner as the best German food. John and I ordered JaegerSchnitzel and Diana had a Reuben sandwich. There was really more food than I could finish, but we all agreed that it was good.

We walked around Main Street for a while to see what kind of shops were there and to find the Nimitz Museum that we will visit tomorrow. Then it was back to the rigs just before sunset.

My site is the last one in the row, and is adjacent to a piece of property that has lots of animals on it. Emma is in heaven! As she sits on the dashboard, she can see a pregnant donkey (that loudly protests her condition), a cage with some kind of exotic monkey-like creatures in it, three barking dogs, and a bold large squirrel that keeps her heart pumping! I imagine that she will be up before dawn and in the window keeping vigil on this menagerie. So much for sleeping in on this mini-vacation.

Tomorrow I hope to take some pictures. I have excellent internet reception here, so maybe it won't take hours to upload a few pics.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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