Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Holy Hailstorms!!!!

I turned the TV on about 4:30 today and was immediately assaulted with severe storm warnings. The approaching storm was about 30 minutes away and it seemed we would have high winds, lots of rain, and hail! I called over to Diana and John with the forecast, and John said he was moving his truck down to the vehicle barn down by the office. He suggested I do the same with my new car. I heeded his warning and we both drove down and got our vehicles under cover. A town not too far from here had baseball sized hail coming down! I didn't need hail damage on my new vehicle. I couldn't do much about the motorhome, though. When we got back, I put my tomato plants under the motorhome and put my two chairs and tables under the motorhome along with my new grill. Emma was there to help (?) as I tried to batton down the hatches.

Just as Emma and I jumped back inside, the wind really picked up and I decided to pull in the slide-outs. That's not easy to do on a moment's notice, but I pulled it off, thank goodness. The storm arrived, my satellite reception ended, and the thunder and lightning rolled. I couldn't believe the noise when the hail started coming down. It was so loud pounding on the roof that you couldn't hear anything else. As I looked out the window, the hail was bouncing off Diana and John's fifth wheel and I was glad I had pulled in the slides.

It seemed like it went on forever, but in reality is was about fifteen minutes. I worried about damage to my roof. I'll have to check that out at a later date, but for now there was no damage to the sides of the rig and no windows broken. The hailstones were an inch in diameter. The temperatures went from 85 to 50 in very short order. After about an hour and a half, the sun was out! What a weather event that was. I've tried to upload a close up of the hail, but as usual, I'm having difficulties with my reception.

This morning we had the cave presentation for a school group and everything went very well. The word for the day was Troglobite! (that's the name for invertebrates that live in caves, have no vision, and are minute in size) There are two more school groups coming this week and we will be doing presentations on birds...right up my alley.

It's really getting late now, after midnight, so I'm going to bed.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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