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Friday, March 6, 2009

Reading my list and checking it twice

The plan was to leave this morning at 10:00 and head to Cedar Park for a day of errands and shopping. Diana and John drove this time and we headed out on schedule. First stop was the vet in Lago Vista to make an appointment for Emma to get her rabies shot, get her nails trimmed, and have her left ear checked out. The appointment is set for Monday morning.

Then it was on to visit several Goodwill Shops to see what they had to offer. Diana was looking for picture frames, John was looking for some shorts, and I was just wandering around with nothing in mind. We stopped at three different places, and we were all successful in our quests. I ended up buying a dictionary, a book, and a wok. There have been a number of times since I've been on the road that I wished I had a dictionary. Spell check is fine, but sometimes you need something more. I had been wanting to fry some rice noodles, and a wok for $1.99 was affordable. I may try it out later this evening after cleaning it up a bit.

Then it was on to Walmart after stopping for lunch at J&J BBQ. I ordered a baked potato and it had to be the biggest potato I've ever seen. I just couldn't finish it all. I wanted to stop at Walmart to get two new tomato plants and some planters. Then it was on to HEB for groceries. We're having a pot luck up at the Flying X tomorrow and I will provide the salad. So, I accomplished everything on my list for the day, and checked everything off. It was six hours before we got home and the dogs were all anxious to get out of the rigs.

After transplanting the tomato plants, I headed inside to feed Emma, and I'll spend the evening watching TV.

My brother reported that he saw his first robin of the season up in Rolling Meadows, IL. Time continues to march on and spring is on it's way. Don't forget to "spring ahead" with your clocks tomorrow night....

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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