Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A dog after my own heart

Last night, just before bed, I went to my DVD and turned on an episode of The Waltons. I usually do this as it calms me before bedtime, always has a happy ending, and ends my day on a pleasant note. Well, lo and behold, Emma was enthralled and was very interested in watching. She has never shown any interest in the TV before. Now if it would just have the same calming effect on her. ;)

I was up and out a little earlier this morning, and headed for Warbler Vista for the bird survey. It was a pleasant three mile hike, but only a Swainson's Thrush to give me a slight rush. Very few other birds were seen or heard. I did the Post Oak Creek trail near the headquarters afterwards, and again saw more birds there than at the more remote trails.

My friends, Diana and John, arrived this afternoon, and it was enjoyable to chat with them. Tomorrow, Diana and I are off to the Flying X for the educational program training. I forgot to ask John if he would walk Emma for me tomorrow as it is an all day training. I'll have to do that in the morning. Emma just loves John.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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