Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pascagoula River boat tour

All the volunteers and interns were off this morning on a Pascagoula River boat tour; compliments of the refuge.  We all piled into the van and headed off on our adventure.
We got in the boat docked at the local Audubon Society center, and headed down the bayou.  It was kind of foggy and overcast, but the weatherman had promised that skies would clear.
The Pascagoula is one of the last rivers in the lower 48 states that hasn’t been dammed or diverted.
After passing through the marsh, we headed down a tributary to the swamp.  There are lots of bald cypress in this swamp.  They have rather shallow root systems, so if a big wind, like Katrina, comes along, many of them topple.
Along the way, we saw an old osprey nest that was being used by a pair of great horned owls to raise this year’s young.  You can barely see the “horns” of one of these owls on the nest.  When the owls fledge, a pair of ospreys will move back in and use this nest.

You’ll have to excuse my anthropomorphism in my following batch of osprey pictures, but I just couldn’t resist.  Smile
                    “Where is that man?  He knows I want to remodel today!”
                              “It’s about time!  Put the supplies in the nest.”
“Egad!  You call that a stick?  You know that’s not what I wanted!  Go find what I told you to.”
                                                                             “ Yes, dear…”
                                                                              “Is this better?”
After a two hour ride, we did find one four foot alligator on our return trip back to the dock.  It really hasn’t been warm enough for a long enough time to see many ‘gators’ yet.  When we returned to the Audubon center, Doug was waiting there with four huge pizzas for our lunch.  It was an enjoyable trip, but I’m thinking I’d like to do it again in about six weeks when things have turned green, and the neo-tropical bird migrants have begun to arrive.  What a trip that could be!

Thanks for stopping by…. talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Looks like a nice boat tour. The pictures are great!

  2. Did they ever find out what happened to 'Peg'?

  3. Sounds like a great tour and then a pizza lunch to boot, You know how to live right out there. Be safe, Sam & Donna.

  4. Wow what a nice boat ride and good pictures also.

  5. Beautiful photos of the osprey! They are a very interesting bird.

  6. You really have a talent for taking pictures. I just love looking at them and I am also learning so much at the same time.

    Take Care Judy
    Brenda Brown

  7. I loved the story of the Osprey's. That was great. And she just sat there. My kind of woman.

    Beautiful. Look forward to your pictures in about six weeks.

  8. Pizza for lunch? Can't beat that. Lot's of great photos - too many for me to choose the best one!

  9. I loved your captions. You look awfully close to that gator, though.

  10. Good captions, good pictures, good boat tour!

  11. Great, Great pics once again! AND an alligator, On our trip we never got to see a one! Way to early. A trip when it is all green would be a good thing.

  12. So interesting, and such lovely pictures, thank you.

    So the owls use the osprey's building skills, and then become squatters. Sounds like some people!

    Your anthropomorphism comments are so appropriate, 'she' sounds like a Pascagoula Princess!

    I do hope you go on the trip again later after it has greened up.

    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny TX

  13. Anthropomorphism is a $50 word...just like antidisestablishmentism..Do you play Scrabble?
    McGuyver and I took a tour in Jefferson TX..the Turning Basin Bayou tour...LOVED IT...Isn't it so fun to motor down those narrow spots and watch for critters??
    Loved your interactive Ospreys...Your photos were "spot on" , as usual!! All that and pizza too?? Where do we apply for that job..just kidding..I would be fired after the first day.

  14. FUNNY!!! Loved the picture of the owl. Looks very little in that big ole nest.

  15. I confess, I had to look up your fancy word, and it fits your pictures to a "T". You look at the world with a great sense of humor and I love it! :c)

  16. Great pics...makes me want to come & take the tour down the river too:)

  17. I really love the gloomy atmosphere of the place. This is a nice experience and I love to see an alligator in person! This is a good family trip. I will definitely include this one with my oban wildlife trips plans this year.