Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mixed bag…

After a chilly 27* first outs for Emma, I headed over to headquarters to see if there was something for me to do today.  There wasn’t.  I’d have to say that this is not the most organized refuge I’ve ever volunteered at.  The protocols have not been written yet for the bird survey work I’ll be doing, so I’m on hold at the moment.  So, after chatting for a while, I headed back to the rig.

_MG_8967I’ve had two bird feeders up since the day I arrived, and finally, an American goldfinch has stopped by for a bite to eat.  I was beginning to wonder if any birds were going to find the feeders.


In the afternoon, I decided to hike the trail over by the visitor’s center once again.

IMG_8985There are several large live oak trees across from the VC.  These oak trees grow to huge proportions down here in the south.

IMG_8982 IMG_8981

In addition to the Spanish moss that hangs from these trees, I noticed a fern type of growth in the crotches of the trunk.  Turns out this is a Resurrection fern.  In dry weather, the fern shrivels up like the one on the left is beginning to do.  Then, when it rains, the fern resurrects itself like the fern on the right.  Cool adaptation!

IMG_8758 IMG_8969

Remember that artsy fartsy pic I posted a week or so ago?  Well, this is the same pine tree branch on a cloudless sunny day.  I think I like the cloudy day one better.  :)

IMG_8975As Emma and I continued down the Dees Trail, we came to my favorite spot along this trail.  There is a nice bench at this point so you can sit down and enjoy the view with the bayou in the background.

IMG_8976The other day, as I was sitting here, I got to thinking how nice it would be to kayak or canoe this bayou and it’s tributaries.  As spring arrives, I think a paddle down/up this bayou could result in a peaceful wildlife filled little journey.

IMG_8987It turns out, there is a rustic boat launch onto a side shoot of this bayou about 50 yards from my RV.

IMG_8989These are the views, both directions, from that launch site.   Before I hit the road fulltime, I purchased an inflatable canoe that I hauled with me the first year.  It turned out that I never used it, so I have stored it at my daughter’s house for the last several years.  Now, I’m  thinking that I’d better have her pack it up and send it to me so I can ply these quiet waters.  What do you think?  I’m leaning toward biting the bullet on the shipping, to enjoy a couple of months exploring this waterway.


Well, tonight’s post kind of jumps all over the place, but some days are like that.  Tomorrow it looks like I’ll go along on the refuge tour and then work the Visitor’s Center at Big Bay NWR for the afternoon.  We’ll see…


Thanks for stopping by…. talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Brrrr! I hope it warmed up for you! Is it hard to keep Emma out of the water, or do you even try?

    I think you'll be writing those protocals, before long!

    Send for the inflatable!

    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. Since there is not much for you to do yet, are they insistent that you put in the 32 hours that supposedly are required?

    Loved your pictures of the goldfinch and all the trees.

  3. Seeing the goldfinch at your feeder has me longing for spring.

  4. Words to live by: There are gators in the bayou!

  5. I like the sunshine one better...

    I'm with the peeps on the issue of the gators! And/or other things that live in water you can't see in to ~ remember jaws?

  6. Beautiful pics of the bayou! I would never go in a kayak in alligator infested waters! Yikes!!

  7. Seems I am always attracted to photos with green in them. Trees, shrubs, grass, etc. I do miss the lush green scenery sometimes here on the floor of the Sulphur Springs Valley. Of course green forests are only a short distance away in the mountains. I'm with the rest of the folks & wouldn't be in or on the water with Gators present. I kinda like to keep both feet on solid ground for the most part especially if there are creatures around that could cause me some severe damage...

  8. I don't think I would want to swim with the gators... No way. Great picture of Emma. Stay warm.

  9. I really enjoy the live oaks, as long as I do not have to park the motorhome under them. There is a campground in east Fl that is covered with them. When I leave there, I always have to climb on the roof to sweep the moss off.

    Do you vary the food in your feeders to attract a certain kind of bird?

  10. I hope you still get the free site with hook ups even though they haven't put you to work yet!

    Some days can be like that: all over the place!
    At least there are several places to visit while you wait to be told when you are needed! :)

    Happy Trails,

  11. Are there any sizable towns near? Perhaps you could find a canoe on a freecycle or a cheep one on a Craig's list. Then at the end of your stay you could donate it to a Goodwill or leave it at the refuge.

  12. What a shame the park isn't organized and is wasting your volunteer time. Good for you to make the most of a beautiful day and go hiking with Emma. Loved thepicture of the live oak tree, they are one of my favorite trees.

    Gators? We don't need no stinkin' gators! ;c)

  13. I agree, send for the inflatable. We loved the few times we got ours out before heading to dryer country.

  14. I actually said out loud, "NO JUDY...ALLIGATORS!!"...and read other comments confirming my fear...Find a nice quiet river or lake in another state further North this spring...The worst you could have there is a carp or a beaver...

  15. You will LOVE paddling in Mississippi. I have paddled several of the creeks over there. And the swampy places will soon have migrating yellow and prothronotary warblers.

    Alligators are not a problem. Just don't paddle near the bank where they might be sunning. They run for water when you scare them and you don't really want them running over your canoe. And back up quickly if you find a bunch of little ones. Momma will be protecting them.

    I think East Texas, Louisiana, and lower Mississippi are best seen from a boat.