Borrego Springs, CA

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome to spring....oh, boy

Ah, the vernal equinox!  It must have happened somewhere other than the hill country of Texas.  I awoke to rain coming down in buckets, accompanied by thunder and lightning.  I suppose thunderstorms are a sign of spring, but once the front passed the temperatures took a nose dive.  I just turned on the furnace to supplement my two electric heaters!  Dang, I shouldn't have to do that this late in the month.  A freeze is forecast for tonight, so I'll have to try to remember to leave the water faucet dripping so the hose doesn't freeze overnight.

Because of the rain, I tried to put Emma's first outs off as long as possible.  It worked for a while, but when she began pacing, I knew the time had come.  Boy, did we get soaked!  She finished her business pretty quickly and fairly pulled me back to the rig.  She's a dainty girl, and doesn't like to get her hairdo wet.  :)  I must say, that she is very good at waiting at the top of the stairs while I wipe her dry.

When the temperature began it's plummet, the winds picked up as well.  We're having forty-five mph gusts.  I mentally thank Dub, once again, for placing this site where it is.  The rig is pretty well protected from the winds from the north by the stand of Ashe junipers next to us.  I saw Peggy today, and she said the winds at the Flying X are even worse.  I'm glad I haven't moved up there yet.  :)

So, today was a relaxing inside day.  I spent most of it on the computer.  I did fix a nice dinner of rib eye steak, though.  It was half of the steak that I bought at that little butcher shop in Liberty Hill a couple of weeks ago.  They do have good meat.

That's about it for today's excitement.  Hopefully, the clouds will dissipate and the sun will return tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy

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