Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, March 26, 2010

Got the list done!

I find that for me, if I make a list of things to do for a particular day off, I'm more likely to do those things.  It helps me with my tendency to procrastinate.  Today's list contained seven items.
  1. finish the application for volunteering at Malheur NWR in Oregon.  This was a bit more of a challenge than I had anticipated because I wanted to include my volunteer resume.  I don't have a printer, so I emailed it to the Balcones refuge manager so she could print it for me.  That didn't work initially, but eventually we got it done.
  2. dump the tanks....got that done.
  3. mail the electric cord for my old laptop to my son.  Last week, I mailed him the laptop, but forgot to include the 120 v cord....done.
  4. purchase 1 gallon of anti freeze/coolant for the motorhome.  I'm having a little problem there, but hope this will fix it.....done.
  5. gas up my refuge vehicle so I won't run out of gas like I almost did yesterday. (embarrassing mistake)...done.
  6. get the key from the office so I could get the mail for the refuge.  This sounds simple, but turned out to be somewhat of a challenge.  If I didn't get the mail today, no one from the refuge would do it until Monday.  I was expecting two disks from Netflix, so I did it.  The problem arose when the key stuck in the mailbox at the end of the road, and no one could get it out!  I guess the USPS will deal with it tomorrow.
  7. and finally....calling my friend, Wynetta, in New York to see if she wanted to go on the cruise with me...done, but she doesn't think she can go.  :(
It gives me a feeling of satisfaction when I can cross out every chore that I had listed for the day.  :)

Speaking of the cruise, here is the map I received today from Royal Caribbean showing our route.  I'm going to enjoy this jaunt, for sure!

I've had a new visitor at the avian cafe the last few days...a dark eyed junco.  He should be heading north pretty soon.

Is that the Sea of Tranquility in this moon rise?  I know I was feeling very tranquil.

And you know who (my friend, the Carolina wren) came by again to serenade me before I came inside for the evening.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. I love to make lists. Have you ever realized you accomplished something you had forgotten to put on the list, so you add it just so you can cross it off? I do that all the time. What satisfactionA!

  2. Sometimes I'm a list maker, and sometimes not. I find that I feel a sense of accomplishment when I get to tick off to do items, so I make them all very easy!

    The trip looks fantastic. Do you get sea sick? I know there are a lot of things you can take and you should be prepared in advance.

  3. Even if you NEVER get sea sick, bring Dramamine--it's cheap. Twice I have been aboard a ship where the winds whipped up high seas. Believe me, you don't want to leave home without it. Do you get my e-mails? Check today.