Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Creating a little stir

Okay, perhaps you all remember last week when I signed up for the Trans-Atlantic Repositioning Cruise HOP with Escapees.  Well, a few days later I received an email welcoming me to the cruise and giving me some information including a section on a dress code.  Since I've never been on a cruise, I don't know very much about them....a dress code???  Women are expected to wear a dress or pant suit (I thought those went out in the 80's) to dinner each night.  There are also "formal dinners" several times on the cruise where dress expectations are even higher.  As it turns out, I don't happen to own a dress or pant suit.  The last time I wore what could be considered a dress was over ten years ago at the memorial service for one of my students that had unexpectedly died.

So, since I never intend to own another dress, I put a topic on the Escapees forum asking if I would not be able to eat dinner on the cruise because I don't have one.  This created a slight furor.  I got a few suggestions on the forum to go to Goodwill and buy a dress.  They don't get it.  I also received a private email from the directors of the Escapee HOPs, and today, a call from Dorothy, the person who handles the reservations for the HOP cruises.  She assured me that a nice pair of slacks with a jacket or nice blouse would be acceptable.  However, she also said that tennis shoes would not be allowed.  Well, you all know my saga of the shoes.  I have problems with my feet and ankles, and expensive "tennis" shoes is the way I get through life.  I told her I would wear one of my brand new pairs :), and she said that would be okay since I had issues with my feet.  I'm happy to hear that since I don't want to be hobbling around when we visit those exotic ports of call.  :)

This morning, I picked up Peggy around 8:30, and we headed out to the Russel tract to try to hunt down a black capped vireo.  The wind was just howling, and we got skunked.  We also covered just about every inch of that refuge parcel.  I wouldn't say we got lost, we just didn't know where we were! :)  Later, I found out that no one else has found the vireo either, so they just haven't arrived yet.  I, however, have decided to send my good luck charm, Peggy, packing back to Vermont since we didn't find one.  :)

Actually, Peggy and Paul have finished their volunteer assignment here for this year and will be heading out on Saturday.  We all attended a farewell lunch in their honor today at the Dahlia Cafe in Liberty Hill.  Since I was in Liberty Hill, I stopped at the little butcher shop and picked up a couple of gorgeous pork chops.  I'll enjoy one of them tomorrow.

Surprisingly, I can tell you that this is a Missouri Primrose.  They are popping up everywhere around my site.

I have some errands to run tomorrow before being the time keeper for another education program on Saturday.  I think about 60 Girl Scouts will be descending on Doeskin Ranch for a Bridges to Birding program.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. It sounds like you just picked the wrong kind of cruise. I think life is much more laid back on freighter cruises, but then I've never been on one so I'm not sure.

    I sympathize with your decision to not own another dress - I made the same decision although I've since bought a couple of "California" dresses. Same with shoes - I have to have comfortable shoes or I'm miserable. Is there a way you could cancel this cruise and find one more to your liking and way of life? Otherwise you may find a lot of snooty people on board and won't be as apt to enjoy it. I really think the company should spell out the "rules" before you book. Good luck.

  2. After a recent clean out of my closet, I realized I had only one dress to my name! I bought it for a "Black Tie Wedding" I had to go to last fall. My husband rented a tux rather than buy a suit. I refused to pay some of the outrageous prices in the better stores and found one that was quite acceptable at a discount store. It will travel well, fit me if I gain or loose weight, and get me thru any event requiring a dress.

    Shoes were another problem. Like you I refuse to go thru the rest of my life with sore feet. I have found a particular brand of expensive tennis shoes work well.

    I did have to wear dress shoes at the wedding, but because of them I wasn't able to dance.

    If at our age we can wear purple, why can't we wear tennis shoes with a dress up dress!

  3. I have been on 4 cruises (I think) and never worried about shoes.. I wore jeans and a nice top to dinners.. no one sees your bottom half anyway ;o) No one is turned away for wearing sneakers.. as long as they aren't ratty and you'd wear them with slacks.. you'll be fine.. On the fancy nights.. that's a tad different, but that's not every night and there are other places to eat on those nights if you want :o)