Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Best weather day yet

Since I've been at Balcones NWR, the weather has often been cold, rainy,cold, and overcast.  Not today!  It was a gorgeous day.  The sun was shining and temps made it up into the low 70's.  I headed out to do some birding.  First, I checked the upper pond near headquarters, but there was nothing on the pond.  Then, I headed out to Doeskin Ranch.  I will be leading a bird tour in about a week, and I wanted to decide on what trails I will take the group on for the best possibilities of bird sightings.  The spring migration really hasn't started yet, so leading a successful tour will be a challenge.

While I didn't see much bird life other than cardinals and sparrows, I did enjoy the scenery and abundance of water.                                  

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

This rock is about two feet wide, and was located along the creek bank.

These look like embedded fossils to me in that rock.

I received an email today with a complaint that I did not post a reader's comment.  I hope this was an isolated occurrence.  The only comments that I don't post are those from obvious spammers.  That's why all comments are put on hold for my approval.  Early on, I received a comment from some spammer selling shoes, so that's why I have to approve the comments first.  I hope that reader will comment again.  If anyone else has had this problem on my blog, I'd sure like to know about it.  You can email me at altsclmarm at gmail dot com.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy

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