Borrego Springs, CA

Monday, October 5, 2009

Luck was with me today

After I packed things up, unhooked, and dumped the tanks this morning, I headed out of Fort Kearney SRA on my way to Big Springs, NE. The rain began as soon as I got on the road and the wind picked up. My trip today was about 170 miles, and the wind was mostly at my back for 2/3 of the journey. That doesn't happen very often.

About one hundred miles down the road, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had forgotten to lower the TV antenna before I left. That is typically a beginner's mistake, but I managed to do it. I was within a few miles of a rest area, so I pulled in and lowered it. Thank goodness there weren't any low underpasses, as with the antenna extended I'm several feet taller...close to 15'. There is always something that keeps a body from getting too cocky. ;)

I hadn't realised that I would be changing time zones today, so it was only 12:30 when I pulled into McGreer Campers Park. It is a Passport America park, so the price is $11, including tax. It is a stone's throw from the interstate and located in a farmer's front yard. There are full hook-ups, though, and I'm presently doing a couple of loads of laundry in the office building. I needed to get some laundry done, so now I'm good for a while.

With the windows closed, the road traffic noise is bearable. I plan to drive to Denver tomorrow and camp at a state park that is across the street from my son, Daniel's, condo. I'll give him a call tonight to finalize directions.

Oh, I almost forgot. I tried to fix the Sunday Blast from the past, but was unsuccessful. So I posted it all mixed up. It shows up below yesterday's post that says there is no Blast post.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy


  1. We use a large plastic clothes pin. When it is on the antenna crank, the antenna is down. When we crank the antenna up, we take the clothes pin and clip it onto the spokes on the steering wheel. Or, it can be clipped onto the gearshift lever.

    AS soon as you get into the drivers seat, you'll see the clothes pin and know that antenna is still up.

    Safe travels,


  2. Jim,
    That sounds like a good idea. Normally I don't use the antenna, but with such short stops, I haven't put out my DISH. I'm going to get the clothespin out right now! I'm just happy that the antenna wasn't damaged.