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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A gorgeous day in Colorado

Well, the horrible winds and rain finally stopped so I could leave Nebraska and head to Colorado today. I was on the road by 8:45 and drove the 198 miles to Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, Colorado. About 120 miles into the trip, I began to see the mountains on the horizon. How magnificent they looked with their snow capped peaks! I arrived shortly after noon.

Let me tell you about the fees at state parks in Colorado. As I arrived at the entrance station to the park, I was informed that there was a daily fee of $7.00/vehicle (which means $14/day since I have a motorhome and a toad). There is also an additional $3.00 fee for water usage just for this park. That's in addition to the $22.oo/night camping fee. Since I'll be staying here for four nights, that would be $59.00 plus the $88.00 for camping. I'm thinking that is rather steep for a state park. So, for $30 more, I could have a one year pass to all Colorado State Parks that would eliminate entrance fees. I decided to go with that option. I guess I'll have to try to camp in as many Colorado parks as possible by the end of October, 2010!

This state park is truly an oasis in an urban environment. It is located in the middle of a spaghetti-like confluence of three interstates just outside of Denver in the city of Aurora. As I drove through the park on the way to the campground, I was astounded by the number of people bicycling and jogging along the roadways of the park on a Wednesday afternoon. What a wonderful get-away for the residents of Denver and the surrounding communities! The campground loop that I am in has very spacious sites and full hook-ups. There is some road noise from the interstates, but how convenient for me to visit my son.

Daniel, and his dog, Buddy, came over this afternoon and we had a wonderful time visiting. Emma was in seventh heaven romping with Buddy. She has now collapsed and is sound asleep on the dashboard.

I'm looking forward to the next few days visiting with Dan and Crystal, and seeing their place. The only down side of this is the forecast for snow tomorrow. It was in the seventies today, and tomorrow's high will be in the upper thirties. Yuck!!

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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