Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, June 24, 2010

There’s a first time for everything

The weather looked fine this morning, so I decided to take a drive back to Ennis, Montana, on a day that I knew Resveldt Meats would be open.  It’s a rather scenic drive along the Madison River.  Lots of trout fishermen were out today in boats and waders.

I drove 14 miles past Ennis to Virginia City, which people had said was worth the trip to see this restored town from the past.  It turned out to be not something I’m especially interested in. 
IMG_1743 There was a nice overlook, however, of the Madison Valley.  This valley is very important as a wildlife corridor.  That’s Ennis in the lower left.

I stocked up on several varieties of sausage and some smoked pork chops at the butcher store, and then headed back to camp.
IMG_1734On the way back, I spotted an Osprey nest overlooking the Madison River.  I believe the female is on the left incubating the eggs while the male is watching on the right.

Once I got back to the rig, this was the scene that was unfolding out my front window:

For the last week or two, lots of cattle have been trucked in to the high mountain meadows for summer grazing.  Today, this small herd was moved via mounted cowboys and cowgirls to greener pastures.  :)

As Emma and I sat outside in the balmy temperatures this afternoon, I asked my neighbors if they were interested in going to the rodeo and chuck wagon dinner that is put on by a nearby ranch.  It turns out that this is the same working ranch that had the cattle drive this afternoon.  They sounded interested, but Jim, the husband, thought we needed to have reservations.  That’s when his wife, Jackie, suggested she and I hop on their ATV and drive over there to make a reservation.  I’ve never ridden on a four wheeler before, so I was up for the new experience.  :)  After making our reservation, she asked if I’d like to go for a little ride.  So, off we went up into the hills.  It was quite a ride!  We made it to the continental divide, and then drove off on a side tract into the mountains. 

We probably drove about eight or nine miles total before I suggested we head back since there were some very ominous looking clouds heading our way.  She agreed, and we high tailed it back down the rustic track.  We didn’t quite make it back to camp before the rains were upon us.  That was some cold rain!  As we hopped off and ran to our rigs, she said “Now you can check that off your bucket list!”  Yessiree Bob!  Four wheeling in the Rocky Mountains…not something I ever expected to do.

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Good for you Judy, you got to do something you hadn't done before,I have a few things on my list I would like to do also, one of them is jumping out of an airplane in a parachute, after seeing former Pres.Busch SR jump at 80 years old, I know I can do it, Donna is pretty cold to the idea and I know she won't go. Hope you had fun, maybe you'll be welding a platform on the back of your MH for an ATV. be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  2. Good for you! The hubster actually went for a long ride with someone while we were there last year... from Florida? Same couple? He can't remember the guy's name and his journal is at the repair shop with the motorhome.

    Nice osprey shot!!!

  3. What a great day!! The views just keep getting better don't they???? Love the pic of the Osprey nest and occupants! Hope you enjoy the rodeo and chuck wagon dinner. I know you enjoyed that 4 wheeler ride in the Rockies!! :)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. The only Osprey nest I have ever seen was so far away on a high support that if the ranger hadn't pointed it out I would have never known what it was. I'm a fan of the Peregrine Falcons that nest on our city hall each year.

    We watch them via web cams!

  5. Sounds like you had a great day. Our Chicago newspaper said that Yellowstone had the lowest temperature in the whole country on Thurs. Obviously it didn't keep you indoors.

  6. How fun getting to do something you have never done before. Great pictures, love the osprey nest too. Thanks for signing up to follow our blog glad to have you. What are you staying?