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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Yellowstone day

Emma and I were on the road well before 8:00 this morning.  Our plan was to drive the upper loop of the figure eight roads of the park.  We did that in addition to the West entrance road and just about all of the Northeast entrance road.  I was hoping for some outstanding photo opportunities.  The forecast said partly cloudy skies, but the morning was spent with overcast skies.  :(
IMG_1674First up was this doe elk just relaxing and “chewing her cud.”  The chewing can be seen better in the header picture.  I think it looks like she wants to say something.  Couldn’t you just picture one of those cartoon bubbles coming out of her mouth with a snappy comment?  Some people know how to do that with their pictures, but not me.  What do you think she wants to say?
I don’t have too many scenic shots from today’s 200+ mile drive, since lighting conditions were not very good, and I couldn’t take the hikes to see Tower Fall and a few other views because of having Emma along. 

The thing that was most noticeable to me on this drive was the dramatic increase in visitors.  There were so many cars on the roads that it reminded me of being in a major city!  I don’t blame all those people for wanting to see this magnificent park, but I just wish they had come until July.  :)

IMG_1684 IMG_1688
I’m trying a new technique with two pictures side by side here that I learned from a post in Rick & Paulette's RV Travels blog.  It’s lunch time on the left, and a minor disagreement between two cows on the right.   Rick is quite the guru with Live Writer, and I’m trying to implement some of the things I’ve learned from him.  :)

As Emma and I moved on from Tower/Roosevelt toward Mammoth Hot Springs, I was getting hungry and wanted to stop at a picnic area to walk Emma and consume the lunch that I had packed.  Every place that we pulled into was jam packed with no where to park.  Ugh!  So, we drove through Mammoth Junction (what a mass of humanity that place was!), and turned south towards Norris.  The reason I wanted to stop at an official picnic area is that they all have a bathroom!  That was a paramount need by this time.  :)  Finally, about 2/3 of the way to Norris, we found one vacant picnic table!  What a relief!  Emma was, literally, relieved as well.  As I enjoyed my sandwich, Emma investigated the area.
IMG_1710“I know something’s in this log…I can smell it!”
IMG_1708“I’ll try the other side!”
IMG_1709“I know it’s here somewhere!”
IMG_1705 IMG_1700
Here’s the little culprit that Emma couldn’t quite get to.

In all my drives through the park, I have seen evidence of the great fires of 1988.  As I think I’ve mentioned, I was here during the summer of 1988 and experienced the magnitude of these fires.
IMG_1695 Twenty-two years later, the devastation of these fires can still be seen.  This area had a dense population of Douglas fir twenty-two years ago.  Douglas fir is usually quite resistant to fire, but the high winds in the summer of ‘88 produced such hot fires that most trees did not survive. 
IMG_1696You can see some rebirth on the forest floor, but it is a slow process.  Other areas of the park have seen a better natural reseeding of the forest.  Some species of trees only open their cones, for seeds to emerge, after a fire.  In the great scheme of things, 22 years is just a blink of an eye, and that was really brought home to me today.

This has been a rather long post today, so I’d better say…
IMG_1690THE END….once again.  :)

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. I love the fact that our national parks are being used and loved, but I don't want to be in them when they are so crowded. I hope to be driving through Yellowstone some time in September, I just hope the weather cooperates - that's the biggest trouble with traveling off season.

  2. With my impatience & natural aversion to small or large groups of people & their ensuing traffic chaos I would have to immediately exit the park, restore my sanity, & plan to return another time in a quieter season.....if there is one anymore!! Your right hand pic was cut in half so I would suggest reducing the size of the pics & that should fix it. When I put pics in beside each other I use the 'Small' setting. That's the one where you want to reduce your numbers. You could start with something like 240x160 for example & tweak it from there.

  3. That Elk doe is probably saying "if you didn't bring food. leave me alone" Emma looks like she has the persistance that Rigg's has when he is in his point and seek mode. Isn't it great to watch the dogs when they are doing their natural thing. Thats one of the things I like about the off leash areas they can be themselves and interact with other animals, not just other dogs. Have a safe day. Sam & Donna.

  4. I had no problem with your photo layout. I think how others have their browser settings may be an issue for them.

    The area around Mt. Washburn remains to be where the most evidence of the fires is visible for sure! I'm not sure why. Have you made it to Cooke City and over Beartooth and into Red Lodge? We always make that trip, but it will be a full day for you from where you are now, that's for sure!!! If you do get to Red Lodge ~ stop at the bakery!!

    You asked about our plans... we're tossing around northern Minnesota and Wisconsin along Lake Superior. We've pretty much covered Michigan on a previous summer trip. Still no word on the final "fix" with the motorhome. Waiting on a part...... Any word on you getting to stay at RR longer? And where were you going next?

    Have a great day!!

  5. You make a break in my day more pleasurable.

  6. I just love that "The End" !!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard