Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, January 31, 2010

She lives on in our memories

Today was the day for my mother's memorial service.  Around forty people gathered at the funeral home to pay their last respects.  Almost all of my mother's contemporaries have passed before her, so all attending were immediate and extended family members.  There were helpful words given by my older brother's minister.  As my siblings and I sat in front to hear his words, he managed to call my mother Billie Jean instead of Billie Jane twice.  I imagine he was surprised to see us poke each other when he referred to her by name.  You see, we all expected that box with her ashes to flip over....my mother couldn't abide people calling her Billie Jean!  It was thanks to his unknowing mistake, that I was able to then get up and give my eulogy of my mother's life.  Without that break in the heart wrenching sadness of the occasion, I had been unsure if I could muster the composure to speak.  I thanked him afterwards for helping me make it through this emotional day.

I was happy to see so many youngsters, including my four grandchildren, at the service.  Most were young enough not to understand what was going on, but all behaved in an admirable manner.  One life ends...so many are just beginning.  We all marveled that it was an adult that interrupted the service by letting his cell phone ring and ring.  It makes you wonder about people and technological advancements.

After the service, most folks headed to Russell's (my mother's favorite eatery).  Spirits lifted, the food was good, and folks visited.  Then it was time to say goodbye to my youngest son, Andy, and his family.  They had to drive back to Minnesota.  Grandsons Joseph and Seth wanted to come to my "trailer" for marshmallows, but I assured them I would drive up to see them when the snow melted.  I enjoyed visiting and playing with them for two days.  Then we headed back to Robyn's.  Daniel and Crystal will fly back to Denver tomorrow morning.  Even though it was a sad occasion, it was great to have all my kids and grandkids around me the last few days.

I miss you, Ma, but your spirit lives on........

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. It sounds like a fitting memorial, and glad you could give the eulogy. Also, what a great thing to be with family, and especially grandkids.

    With the cell phone thing - I'd add that it makes you wonder about biological development as well as technological! What is happening to the human race.

  2. I realy enjoyed your eulogy and found it very fitting. I thought you might include her wisdom of rolling up your canopy when the wind blows. And I also agree that the spirit will live on.

  3. When I'm in Texas, I seldom have my canopy (awning) out. Winds are a fact of life around here!

    Perhaps as technology advances, biological development decreases???