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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random thoughts on random topics

  1. I've been using the new post editor with Blogger, but was dismayed that there appeared to be no spell checker.  This evening, after tinkering around, I found a possible answer to that dilemma.  It appears to work better than the previous spell checker.
  2. I'm trying out some of the new features which include this numbered list.
  3. The temperatures are taking a major dive this evening after starting the morning at 55*!  Lows tonight will be around 20*.  I sure hope all the insulation that was placed around my water hook-up works.  More insulating materials were added yesterday and today.  The hook-ups are so wrapped up that I'm not sure how I'll exercise the generator next week. 
  4. I find it very interesting to see and hear how this area in Texas is handling the arctic blast.  Having lived more than a decade in Minnesota, lows in the twenties isn't even mentionable on the news.  Around Houston, this is an earth shattering occurrence!  These will be the coldest temps in twenty years.  If  I were in a sticks and bricks, I'd just laugh it off, but I'm not.  Temperatures below freezing for three or four days and nights straight will be a challenge to endure.  Perhaps some of the mice will die of exposure.  ;)
  5. I'm beginning to rethink my plans to do the salinity tests tomorrow.  The winds are running around 36 mph right now out of the north, and if they don't slow down, I'm thinking I may postpone that slosh through the muck tomorrow.  Wind chill temps will be in the single digits.  I also forgot to get a new set of batteries for the salinity meter.  What a coincidence!  :)
  6. Looks like I'll be pretty busy at the Songbird Festival at Balcones in April.  Deborah has asked if I'll lead another bird tour or two.  Of course, I said yes.  That's my thing, you know.
Since most of the country is experiencing Mother Nature's deep freeze for the next few days, I hope you all find a warm place to sit it out...and may you not run out of propane!

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy

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  1. Ah, running out of propane is an RVer's hazard, as well as a bit of tempting fate to see how far we can go before the tank is empty. You know I don't do very well at it!