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Thursday, October 21, 2010

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto

But we almost were thanks to another challenge this morning.  I had everything unhooked and packed up.  All that was left to do was pull in the slides and bring the levelers up.  After turning the engine on, the big slide in front went in like a charm and I locked it down.  Next was the smaller bedroom slide.  I pushed the retract button, and only one side of the slide began to move in, and I stopped it before things got all out of whack.  I hit the extend button and it went back out.  I tried it a few more times, but with the same results.  Ugh!  What next?  Okay, I took a deep breath and marched off to the office hoping someone would be there.  When I talked to the owner by phone late yesterday afternoon, he was on the road and returning from a funeral in Missouri.

After pounding on the office door, the owner opened it and I asked if he knew of any mobile RV repair people in the area.  He was very helpful and called a guy that had done some work in the park in the past.  After explaining the problem to him, the guy said he was busy today and couldn’t come out.  :(  After thinking for a moment, the owner suggested an RV place on the other side of Wichita, but said they would be more expensive…like I had any choice if I wanted to get out of here.  The RV place, whose name I can’t remember, sent out a technician, but let me know that it would be $100 to send him out, and then another $100 minimum to look at the   problem. 

While I was waiting, I called my extended warranty company for the third time in just over three weeks!  I’m thinking pretty soon they’ll recognize my voice.  :)  The repair tech got there within an hour and began looking at things.  In not too long of a time, he thought he had found the problem and began working with some wrenches underneath and inside the slide mechanism.  After a few more minutes, we tried it again, and viola! it worked!  The tech then  checked the seal around the slide both inside and out to see that it was seating properly.  He said it was perfect, and I would be fine.  I asked what caused it and he showed me where a bolt and washer had come loose and fallen off.  Luckily, they fell into one of the storage compartments.  That missing bolt meant only one side of the slide mechanism would turn to close the slide.  Thank goodness the fix was that easy.  I’m guessing that horrible washboard like dirt road I was on yesterday was the final culprit in jogging that bolt loose.  :(

To make an already long story just a little bit longer, the insurance would not cover any of the charges, and after putting out $250, I was on my way about two and a half hours later than I wanted to be.  At least I was on my way.  The owner of the RV park reassured me earlier that if I had to stay beyond the normal check out time, he would only charge me an additional $6 as long as I left by the early afternoon!  What?  It wasn’t like there were rigs just waiting to get into this place, and I wasn’t even plugged in to the electric!  So, do you think I stopped at the office as I left 30 minutes after check out time to pay up?  NOT!
IMG_6348 After 150 miles on the road, I decided I’d had enough for today, and pulled into the Pioneer RV Park in Guthrie, OK.  I think I’m about 25 miles north of Oklahoma City which is not as far into OK as I’d originally planned, but I’m happy with at least making some progress.  :)
IMG_6349This appears to be an older RV park, but all the electric hook-ups are new.  How’s this for a mail box?  There are lots of old farming implements scattered around the park.
IMG_6351I guess this is where they got their name from.
IMG_6353 IMG_6352
They do have good wifi here, which is good, because I barely get a cell signal.
IMG_6350There’s a pleasant area with benches for relaxing, but as you can see…NO DOGS!  So Emma and I kept walking.  :)
IMG_6354I’m guessing this is some kind of old cultivator.  Don’t know if this was pulled by a mule or what…not having ever lived on a farm.
IMG_6356 IMG_6355
One of the amenities listed for this park is the panoramic view.  I’m not sure it’s exactly panoramic, but it is a view if you walk to the end of the RV rows.  :)

The forecast for the next few days is not too good, and there’s the possibility of severe storms after midnight and tomorrow morning.  I’ll have to see whether or not I’ll be moving on tomorrow morning. 

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. I don't understand why your warranty wouldn't pay for the slide problem. Did they consider it maintenance?

    We had that happen to us in Oregon. It was a sheared bolt on our main slide. We had the bolts replaced with shear pins on both sides while the RV tech was there. I remember we had to wait about 5 days for him to come.

    You've sure had your problems with that rig lately!

  2. Good for you just heading on out of that RV Park. What nerve, to even mention charging you extra.

    I guess I'm not surprised the repairs weren't covered - the theory probably being that if you choose to drive over a bumpy road they don't have to fix what shakes loose.

    I was really lucky with my slides - just started having a problem with one on my last trip across country. The only maintenance I ever did to them was to spray the seals with a lubricant. I decided I never want to deal with slides again, which is why I'm getting a TC with no slides. I'll miss the extra space though.

  3. We had the same problem once and it had something to do with the house Batteries not charging. Good luck!!!!

  4. I cannot believe all the problems you are having with the Winnie! Lets hope this is the last of them.

    You post brought fond memories of my flying period where I would fly into Guthrie, OK

  5. Judy, do you have roadside assistance? We have Coach-Net. When our big LR slide wouldn't retract when we wanted to leave Deadwood, SD, I called 'em. Coach-Net found the nearest mobile service, sent them over (1 1/2 hour wait), and PAID FOR THE SERVICE CALL CHARGE! I was shocked, and thrilled! We paid for the labor and parts, of course... but we were on our way that afternoon, and CN picked up the $70 service fee. Nice!

    So sorry to hear of your mechanical troubles. :( Safe travels, Laurie

  6. Ah, I see that Kansas tried to keep you and Toto, I mean Emma, longer. You made your escape, but not without contributing to the Kansas economy. When it comes to repair expenses, we're always glad when the bill doesn't turn out to be even higher!

  7. Ouchie on the repair bill... but at least you got back on the road without them gouging you for more, right?

    May tomorrow be brighter!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Let me get this right - $100 to send a guy out and then another $100 to look at the problem? That's a nice racket! Glad the fix was simple though and you are on your way.

  9. Judy,

    When you own a motorhome or RV it is always something. Voice of experience here. We just left Oklahoma City this morning. Free overnight at Wal*Mart. Today and tomorrow in McKinney, TX
    Too bad we couldn't get to meet each other.

  10. Sorry to hear you had more problems but glad you got back on the road quickly - only problem the bank account had to take a hit.

    Safe travels!

  11. I hope you watched the repair tech like a hawk,(bird content) and memorized what he did so you can add that to your list of "I can fix that's".That seemed to be a pretty steep rate of return for the job. That implement in your picture looks like and old tine rake or plow, to loosen rows,in Ok. it was probably pulled by mules, just like in MO. in the 70's you could still find some old timer's with mules pulling implements, but no more, now the mules are green and named John. Hope your troubles are over for awhile, stay ahead of the cold weather. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  12. Had a slide stick on a 5th wheel once but was able to crank it in manually from underneath. Having things like that go wrong is sure a miserable feeling. I think it borders on criminal when people take advantage of other people's unfortunate predictaments. Charging $200 just to come out & look at your problem is an absolute rip!! It's too bad we are such a 'money driven' society!!

  13. We had a bolt break on our large front slide. Hubby finally got it fixed after it breaking a couple of more times - drilled a new hole for a larger bolt. This kind of stuff happens when these big rigs bounce along down the highways. I admire you living this lifestyle in a big rig. I don't know what is worse - having to be physically up for the challenge of do-it-yourself repairs or being sure you have enough available cash to pay the repair bills.

  14. I think sometimes the testosterone kicks in and they take advantage of a woman traveling without a "man person".....This happens in all kinds of instances where they think we don't know anything...Repeat after me.."I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!!"..and good for you for getting the heck out of that RV park without paying extra!! RRRRRRRRRROAR!!!!!

  15. Bless your heart, you have really had some problems in the last few months. Hopefully it is all behind you now, and you will have a great winter season. Stay safe.

  16. Geez Louise! Do I have to say I'm sorry again for the state of Kansas? I can practically guess which RV place in Wichita did that to you since we've had "dealings" with the two major ones there. What a super rip off!

    Been watching the radar this morning and I hope you have stuck tight in Guthrie! It looks pretty ominous over that way and it's supposed to come into Branson later tonight and tomorrow.

    Be Safe!!!

  17. We get hit with extra service charge every time we have to call a repair person to our house. Yes we live in the mountains, but it is only 15 minutes to town.

    I would have thought that this should be something a roadside service contract would cover, or is that just for the engine and tires?

  18. I can't believe e wanted to charge you extra! I think the panoramic view is that you can see from one horizon to the other with no obstructions, at least that was our impression of that part of Kansas and Oklahoma.