Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ever have this happen?

Did you ever hear a tune or a jingle and have it get stuck in your head for the whole day?  That happens quite often to me, and this afternoon was a good example.  Emma and I were sitting outside while a couple of volunteers were working on trying to improve our wifi service here.  They were installing a new antenna to try to boost the bars of reception for the volunteer pads.  I was their test case.  I sat outside with a walkie-talkie and they would have me check my bars of service as they progressed.

On the electrical lines entering the compound, were about 150 boat-tailed grackles all lined up in a row.  They would periodically all take off together to fly over the pads and regroup once again on the wires.  As they did this, I had this poem (?) jump into my head:
Birdie, birdie in the sky
Dropped some whitewash in my eye
I didn’t scream; I didn’t cry
I’m just glad that cows don’t fly!

Well, once I thought of that, I couldn’t get it out of my head all day!  Ack!  However, I really am glad that cows don’t fly!  :)
_MG_6497Flocks of geese continued to stream into the refuge overhead today.  The ‘V’ is snow geese, and the line above is white-fronted geese.

My post last night sure garnered some interesting comments.  Many of them made me chuckle.  Thanks guys!  I didn’t know that feral hogs, hay, and beef would create such a diversion.  :)

I continued to try to get things organized for my cruise departure today.  Tomorrow, I’ll be dropping Emma off at the boarding kennel, and then plan to buy a suitcase and some other needed items.
IMG_0268I leave you with what a sunset can look like on the marshes of Anahuac.

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. I am glad the cows don't fly too...it was a poop filled day at our house..Tucker playing with his 'sister'..dragged his leash through some dog poo that someone didn't pick up...ewwww..happy birthday to Emma!!!

  2. Have a great trip. Have a Sangria for us in Barcelona!

  3. You are going to have a great time, but I bet you'll be glad to get back to serenity in a wildlife refuge!

    Can't wait to see some birdie pictures from Europe. I found birds there a lot different than in the U.S. - at least the Irish birds were different.

  4. When you get a tune in your head and can't get it out it's called "ear warm". Happy birthday to Emma!!!!

  5. Have a marvelous time - relax - enjoy and take pictures. Happy Birthday Emma.

  6. Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday to you Emma..
    Happy Birthday to you!

    (Oh NOOOOOO, the happy birthday tune is stuck in my head now!)

  7. Yo ho ho,
    and a bottle of rum...

    Now that's a good song for a cruise! I hope you have an awesome time! Are you planning to get seasick? Seems like you're obsessing on getting that dramamine! Maybe you've had some experience I don't know about... anywho, best wishes and we'll all be here in blog land waiting!

  8. I've found Bonine is good for seasickness. Dramamine made me sleep!
    You snap the best sky shots. I never even SEE sunsets like that.
    Have a wonderful trip!

  9. Happy Birthday to Emma! And, have a great trip!

  10. I have the same trouble, I have been hearing the Gibbons beer jingle in my head since I was a teenager, the brewery closed about 25 years ago and I still remember it. There motto was "If it's Gibbon's , it's Good", As a teenager all the guys in my High School had a plastic license plate on the front of their cars that was Red and said in white letters Is Good. Wish I could find one of those in my brothers basement. Have fun on your cruise. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  11. OK - now I'll be thinking of flying cows all day :-)))

  12. I had "Old Man River" in my head all day long yesterday. Heard it on the radio in the morning. Have a good trip and hope Emma is happy in the kennel.

  13. Yep, only these days when I get a tune "stuck" in my head, it has line dance steps attached to it!

    Have a great time on your cruise.

    I love your photos!

  14. How excited I am for you! Why is everyone wishing Emma a Happy Barf-day? I am guessing it is the day she adopted you as nobody knows her real b-day, right? So, Scruffy and Roxie say "Hola" as well. Siestas are real in Spain and supper is served at 10:00 pm. This could take some getting used to, but I know you will adore the seafood! Paella is something you must try.

  15. Have a great time - I can't wait to see the pictures.