Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finally out of Idaho…

and just in the nick of time.  I drove about 220 miles today and ended up in Evanston, Wyoming.
IMG_6215When I arrived at the park there was a sign on the door that said the office wouldn’t open until 3:00, and that they had shut the water off.  As I briefly walked around to find a site, I noticed that several of the areas had been cordoned off. 
IMG_6213I picked a site on the end of a row so I could leave the toad attached.  This is just a one night stop.  When the office opened, I went in to pay, and found out that by next week this place will be closed for the season.  I also found out there were larger sites available in the back.  :(  It’s obvious this park of the park was built before the advent of big rigs.  I just barely squeezed into this site, and I mentioned to the owner that if someone parked in the site in front of me tonight I would have a problem getting out in the morning. 

So far, he’s parked everyone that’s come in off the road in the back section, so I’m happy about that.  No matter where you park here, you will have to deal with road sounds.  Being in the front, at least I’m a little further away from I-80.  At least they haven’t turned off the water supply to the laundry room, so I did get that chore accomplished this afternoon. 
IMG_6214This park is old, but clean as a whistle.  There are also lots of Halloween decorations around the entrance and office.  There is another wicked witch near the office door that pops out of a caldron and then sinks back inside.  As Emma and I walked past that one, she went into orbit!  Lots of barking and hair on end.  :)  “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog, too!”

As many of you know, Wyoming is a pretty wide state, so it will take me two days to get across it.  I’m thinking after four days of travel, I may take a break for a day this weekend once I reach Cheyenne.  I remember reading about a fellow blogger stopping at Terry Bison Ranch RV outside of Cheyenne, but I can’t remember who for the life of me.  If whoever it is reads this, could you let me know how you liked the place, or just let me know who you are so I can check in your blog archives.

Since my present journey to Anahuac NWR is at a speeded up pace, I’m not always able to check all the blogs I follow, and certainly will be limited on the number of comments I have time to make.  Just know, that I’m trying to keep up with you all, but won’t be very verbal about it until I’m settled outside of Houston.  :)

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. A new day--a new state. Glad you made it safely to Evanston. Safe travels to you in Wyoming and during your journey to Houston.

  2. Wave to Texas and Houston when you get there! I was born in Houston. Thinking about you and Emma!

  3. We've only skirted through Wyoming and it's a state we'd really like to see more of - take lots of pics!

  4. Enjoy your drive, be safe and don't worry about comments and such. You can catch with everything when you get some time. In the meanwhile, we'll all be thinking about you. Glad your day's drive was a good one.

  5. Had to laugh about Emma and the witch, I could just picture Rigg's with the tail going and the"play with me, please play with me look"Comical to see in your minds eye. Have a safe trip. Sam & Donna..

  6. Hi Judy, we use "rvparksreview.com" online as a guide for researching places to stay. Under Cheyenne, they list all of the places alphabetically, so Terry Bison Ranch would be towards the bottom.

    Here's the link to Cheyenne, WY:

    Safe travels!

  7. Glad to hear you are back on the road again. Be careful because there might be more witches out there in your travels

    Travel Safe

  8. I have 2 rescue dogs Annie is quiet but Flossie!! SHE barks enough for both at anything that moves or she is afraid of.

  9. Wyoming is pretty vast, but I loved the Pinedale area, but that's in the Western side close to Yellowstone....Keep the pedal to the metal and the hammer down...I see Houston looming waaaay up there in the horizon!!

  10. We were in Cheyenne this summer for two weeks. We have a 40' MH and stayed at the KOA which is on the east side of Cheyenne, right near the interstate. It was pricey, but nice level, gravel sites, pull-thru for big rigs. It appeared to be the best RV park in that area. We stopped at Terry Bison a couple of years ago, but didn't stay there in our RV. We really enjoyed taking the bus out to see the bison up close. We also ate a bison burger at the restaurant. Wyoming is one of my favorite states - just love those big wide open spaces.

    There is a state park, Curt Gowdy I think, on the west side past Cheyenne. I drove out there one day and it was pretty nice and some sites could handle a big rig. Looked like a place that campers went to on the weekends.

    Enjoy Wyoming!