Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Emma does Dallas :)

I perceived a small window of opportunity this morning, and got on the road before 8:00!  I’m so glad I did.  As the morning progressed, the miles rolled by and I found myself, and Emma, tackling Dallas shortly after noon.  Thank goodness it was a Sunday, and traffic was lighter than a weekday.  Without a navigator that can help read signs, it was a challenge today to keep moving to the correct lanes as I wove around from I-35 to I-35E to I-30E to I-45 to Houston!

I tried putting my destination address into the GPS, but it would have taken me on an awful lot of side roads, and added 20 miles to my journey, so I didn’t use it.  There were a couple of times when the directional signs were hidden behind overpasses!  Yikes!  There were also several car drivers that wouldn’t pass me, but wouldn’t let me change lanes either.  I hate it when that happens. 
IMG_6382Once I got through Dallas, I hit my easy button.  It helps dissipate my tension and makes me smile to hear someone say “That was easy!”  Of course, I talk back to it and say “That’s what you think!”  :)  Sometimes, I use even stronger language to disagree.  :)

Once outside of Dallas, the dreaded winds picked up, and the last 30 miles of my 287 mile journey was pretty white knuckle.  I would have stopped sooner, but there aren’t many campgrounds along this stretch of I-45.  I ended up at American RV Park in Corsicana, TX.  The reviews weren’t great on this campground, but I didn’t have much choice.  Actually, after stopping here and talking with the owner, I’d stop here again.  Best part of our chat was that after giving him some input about Escapees and workamping, he gave me a discount on my fee for the night.  :)  I was really happy to be off of the road, and get the AC going.  It was close to 90* inside the rig after I set up.

We are now surrounded by tornado warnings, and a tornado has touched down not too many miles from here.  The thunder is rumbling, and Emma is hiding under the table next to my feet.  :(  I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears tuned to the sky tonight!

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Having lived in the DFW area for more than 30 years I still get mixed up trying to navigate through the downtown Dallas "Mix Master".

    If you wound up on the correct highway after going through the mix master you did better than a lot of the native Dallas drivers.

    Pat yourself on the back and slap that easy button!

    Looks like most of the storms will be east of you tonight. Put this link in your weather bookmarks for future use good for anywhere in the US. It's very handy.

    Mac & Dianna

  2. I hate driving through cities even with two of us to figure out where to go. My nerves are shot by the time we're through so if we can avoid them I do even if it means more miles. I'm easier to get along with that way.

    Mac & Dianna - thanks for the weather link. Except for the fact it shows Nashville right in the path of some severe weather tonight. Hang on tight!

  3. I just found out about a new Garmin that can be set for truckers and therefore RVers. You put in your length and height and it takes you on the best route. I wish they had that model when we bought ours.

    I hate when we drive through cities, too. You never know what all those other crazy drivers are going to do.

    I laughed when you said you had to turn on the air. We've been running two heaters. Highs today were in the 50s and extremely windy. It's time to head south.

    Stay safe!

  4. Sounds like you've had an adventurous day but at least you arrived safe and sound, so good job! I'll bet you must be looking forward to a few days of rest, peace and quiet after all this trouble lately.

  5. Sending good vibes your way tonight - be safe!

  6. Judy! What a risque title, but I like. Hope the next leg is easier.

  7. 90 eh, well we are hoping not to fall to far below freezing tonight and I can hear the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof now and likely when that quits it will turn to snow.

    Watch out for those tornadoes though, that part I don't envy you.

  8. Good luck with those tornadoes. Don't let them come too close. It rained cats and dogs here today when we went shopping send us some of that heat please.

  9. Crank up that weather radio and sleep (if you do) with clothes handy! Lived in the DFW area for several months and had exciting weather.

    Seeing the title "Emma Does Dallas" and then the EASY button . . . made me grin.

    I'll have to get one of those buttons to help me learning to back this rig into spots. "That was easy." Yeah, RIGHT.

    Ya'll be safe out there tonight! Keep the wheels down!

  10. My goodness such adventures!

    I held my breath at your talk of driving in the winds, then relief that you stayed put another day. Then tense reading about more winds today and battling Dallas traffic too! And now tornadoes tonight????--- My gosh, you keep us all waiting with baited breath!

    Karen and Steve
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