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Friday, August 20, 2010

A day in the life…

Some readers of this blog may think that everyday for me is exciting.  Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not!  When I’m not traveling, or volunteering, or sight seeing, it’s usually pretty mundane.  Although, I must admit that there is generally something everyday to raise my eyebrows or make me wonder about this world.  The last 24 hours is a good example.  I’ll start with the time right after I published last night’s post.  (by the way, all of tonight’s photos are from last October’s visit to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge)
IMG_4352               (The dawn take off of sandhill cranes from their overnight roost in the lake)

As the post was published, there was a knock at my door.  Outside stood my next door (construction worker) neighbor.  He said he just wanted to check on me and see how the awning was working that he said he could fix (NOT!)  I’m sure you’ve all heard the terms sloshed, drunk, three sheets to the wind, in his cups!  Well that’s just what he was, and he wanted to get a little more familiar than I was interested in.  Disgusting!!  If you want hugs, go see your wife!  Ugh!
IMG_4547                                                    (Snow geese, en mass.)
Then I listened to a phone message that said to call the Sioux Falls Treasurer’s office, once again.  When I did that this morning, I found out that Universal Marine and RV had taken over 60 days to send the check for the title registration and plates for the RV, so I now had to pay a late fee fine to the tune of $228.04 before they would give me the plates.  And I only had one day to do it, or the whole process would have to be started all over again.  GRRRR!!  Color me really mad at Universal.  :(  So, of course, I paid the fine, and then shot off an email to Universal letting them know I expected full reimbursement for this late fee.  Some times it’s difficult to let the negativity roll off your back, and maintain a cool calm demeanor.  Deep breathing exercises help.  :)
IMG_4621                                             (A northern harrier hunting the fields)

After taking care of a glitch in my Auto/MH insurance over the phone, I headed 15 miles to Nampa, ID, to take care of a few errands.  Then I fixed an early dinner and headed out the door with Emma, and that’s when the eyebrow raising event occurred.
IMG_4644                       (When one of a pair of sandhills eats, the other keeps watch.)

As we walked along the perimeter, three big diesel pushers came in, each with a toad.  I’ll probably take a hit for my next statement, but here goes.  :)  You know folks who drive those diesel pushers never turn off their noisy fuming engines until they absolutely have to!  So, we got the noise pollution and smell for a good 45 minutes.  Is there some reason you can’t shut the engine down while you unhook your toad??  I always do.  Anyway, rig number two proceeded to unhook his toad, and as he did so, the motorhome took off on it’s own with no driver!  The campground manager was screaming bloody murder, and the husband began running after his rig.  Luckily he was able to jump inside and slam on the brakes before it careened into anything.  Here’s my two questions: wouldn’t it have been prevented if you turned off your motor and put the rig in park? and where was his wife at this time? busy painting her nails?  Egad!  I’m sure glad I was parked in the other row of rigs.

It appears that my souse of a neighbor has gone home for the weekend, thank goodness, and I’ll finish my ho-hum day with a little blog reading and some TV.  Sometimes it just makes you wonder about this world.  :)

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Mrs. J said:
    Holy Crap! That is a lot of money! Let me know if I need to go in there with Salvador Ortega. Wait, I’ll check to see if he is out (of the slammer). He has many brothers and cousins…………….. Or I can just go in as a menopausal Irish female. You bet they will pay it.

  2. I think I feel about the same way you do, but you had a much more exciting time getting there :~)))

  3. Ah, Susan, you are a hoot! I'm thinking I could really use Salvador at this time, and maybe his whole family! They could give a little twist to Jake's caljones!!! Thanks for adding a little levity to this miserable situation. You can bet I'll never buy another rig from them........JB

  4. What a day you had!! That run-away motorhome must have been a site to see. We stayed overnight once in a park and in comes a group of large diesel motorhomes. The one next to us had a diesel generator which ran for hours, the fumes coming into our camper. I finally had enough and asked him could he please shut it off. He did so but only grudgingly. I was glad we only stayed the one night.

  5. Sounds like a really intersting day. Glad the DP didn't run into anything or body.
    I'm glad your slush neighbor is gone for the weekend.
    Take care and be safe!
    Mike & Gerri

  6. I have a DP, and the answer is there is no reason why they cannot turn off the engine while unhooking. Just like a gas engine, it needs a few minutes to cool down before shutdown.

    As for the coach getting away from him, he clearly did a number of things wrong. There is no park on DP, but if you leave the drivers seat without the air brake on with the coach in neutral there is usually a loud buzzer warning. It sounds like in this case, he jumped out of the coach while it was in gear and no air brake applied. The word idiot comes to mind. :(

  7. oh my!!!..what a day you had!!!..drunks and idiots all in Idaho!!..lock you doors and put the blinds down!!..lol..try and enjoy your weekend!!!

  8. "Sometimes it just makes you wonder about this world." :)

    I have a lot of 'wondering' days like that Judy. Inconsiderate people is one of the many reasons we stay away from RV Parks. Even boondocking we run into our share of arrogant, inconsiderate & annoying people.

  9. OMG you're a strong woman! I'd be pretty T.O. by now, especially having to pay another $228 dollars for the registration and Plates!! I sure hope they reimburse you!

    I loved the Sandhill crane pics! We were in Palo Duro Canyon, TX Nov. 2008 and they were flying above us in the hundreds, squawking that prehistoric sound of theirs, heading for Bosca! So we followed them and got to see one of the evening fly ins! Fantastic!

    May today be less stressful for you!

  10. Never boring with Judy and Emma. That sounds like an awfully large late fee. Not only would I make sure to be reimbursed, but I think I would check with the supervisor at the office where you got your plates, and make sure that is legit.

    Glad nothing was hurt with the runaway rig.

    Beautiful crane pictures. My header is another one from my computer program.

    stay safe

  11. Eee Gads! What a day!! Are you sure every day isn't that exciting for you? You handle it all so smoorhl. Not sure I'd be brave enough to open my door if someone knocked.

    BTW- Spanx are these newfangled girdles. Click on the word Spanx on my blog and it will take you to the page where you can read up on it. Movie stars all swear by them, and wear them under those million dollar tight dresses to hide the lumps ;) Just another way Hollywood bamboozles us "regular folk" LOL!

  12. I am learning from reading blogs like yours. By the time we hit the road I will have all sorts of good park manners. #1 Be considerate of your neighbors when pulling in, or out, and all the time in-between.

  13. Hi, I enjoy your blog. Just thought I'd let you know that the manual for our DP states that you should let the engine run for 2 to 5 minutes after stopping in order to cool down the engine. This is not a suggestion. This is the way that you are supposed to keep your engine from being damaged. I have to say that I felt sorry for the guy who forgot to set his brake. I can be forgetful also. It's good that no one was hurt.