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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mountain View RV Park, Arco Idaho

Today I decided to take a day off…no packing up, no setting up, no driving, no nothing!  Instead, I’ll tell you about my first full day at Mountain View RV Park.  When I pulled in yesterday afternoon, the sign out front said $30/night.  That’s kind of high for my budget, so I asked about a weekly rate.  It turned out that with full hook-ups with 50 amps, the price was $130 for a week.  That’s less than a $20/night average, so I paid for a week.   Since there is a small cafe on the premises, they also include two free breakfasts with your stay.  For a couple, that would mean one breakfast, but for me that means two days of someone else doing the cooking.  :)  The free breakfast consists of two very large pancakes, and two eggs done the way you prefer.  So, this morning I took advantage of that offer.  It was tasty, and I think I’ll go there for dinner one of the nights I’m here.
IMG_3622The sites are really spacious for a private campground; especially if you are located in the D lane like I am.  The sites are all pull throughs, and I’m estimating that the sites in the D row are about 60’ long, furthest from the road traffic, and have nice views…(you’d think with all that space, I wouldn’t have smushed my car yesterday :( )
IMG_3626 such as this one.  While Emma and I were sitting outside this afternoon, I took a look another look at the graduating class mountain:
_MG_3624This time, I was able to find the class of 1922!  I’m thinking there aren’t many, if any, graduates left any more from that class.  :(

While we were sitting outside, a couple of hummingbirds buzzed me.  Okay, you know what that means!  I hopped inside and filled my hummingbird feeder!
_MG_3648 _MG_3650
Within an hour, the first visitors came to the Hard Rock Bird Cafe!  Wahoo!!  I’ll be continuing my quest for the quintessential humming bird picture.  :)
_MG_3656Of course, you know who (the leader of the pack) came ambling by looking for a handout this evening, and sent Emma into joyous fits.  Sorry, goat, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for another apple drop.  :)  So, after my day of R & R, I’m thinking I’ll pack a lunch tonight and head for Craters of the Moon National Monument tomorrow.  I hope you’ll follow along.

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Judy, what a great pic of the hummer.
    Glad you found a good place and rate for a week. It's kinda nice to be able to just kick back and relax for a bit, and to have a couple free breakfasts.. priceless.
    Take care and enjoy your week.
    Mike & Gerri

  2. You bet I'll keep following along! We haven't been to Craters of the Moon Nat'l Monument. We want to do a tour of Idaho in the near future, so thanks for the review of Mountain View RV Park in Arco.

  3. Yes, I'll be following along Judy! Craters is a place we want to visit but have not taken the time to do so yet. Nice post about Mountain View.

  4. Forgot to tell you my son reported two hummers have finally found our feeder after a month, I have been putting fresh water in it verey 5 days or so. But now I am 200 mioes away so no pictures yet. Iowa has flies as big as hummingbirds so maybe I'll get a picture of one of those. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Love your hummingbird pictures. They are so much fun to watch. And, I also love goats...because they are so cute. Looking forward to hearing about your Craters of the Moon visit.

    Kay & Dave

  6. I'm along in spirit! Hopefully someday I will follow your tire tracks!

  7. Judy, did you notice that the goat leader is missing half of his nose?? I wonder if that was his sacrifice to get to be the leader? Sure am enjoying your summer! We are counting down the days--departure date Sept. 5 for a 3 week trip to Cody and Cour d'alene. Hope to get a chance to use my beautiful walking stick! Deanna

  8. I really like the hummingbird pics. I have yet to have a camera handy when I see one.

  9. I can only imagine what anthropologists 500 years from now will think about the graduating class mountain. *laughs* What a great, quirky idea. I should like to see it with my own eyes.