Borrego Springs, CA

Monday, August 16, 2010

Marsing, Idaho

After 230 pretty uneventful miles, I pulled in to River Haven RV Park a couple of miles outside of Marsing, ID.  It’s a Passport America Park, and as some of you know, these parks can sometimes be a little iffy.  That was my impression as I first pulled in.  It’s a parking lot type place along the Snake River.  However, there are things in Boise that I want to do, and the price is certainly right.  I paid $87.50 for a week’s stay for 50amps and full hookups.  I’m on the end of a row, so the view out my driver’s side windows isn’t too bad.  Right now, no one is in the slot next to me on the passenger’s side, and if I’m lucky, no one will be.  This is definitely not a destination park, and is about 17 miles off the interstate.  It will suit me just fine for a week if I can get a few challenges taken care of.


You know, life just wouldn’t be life without a few challenges along the way.  :)  First off, when I arrived, the park manager noticed that one of my basement doors was open.  What?? I double checked them all before I left this morning.  :(  This was one of the doors that opens to the side rather than up.  My brand new air compressor is stored in there, and the manager said “You didn’t have anything in there did you?”  Ack!!!  Turns out, he was joking, but the door was open, and luckily, nothing was lost.


The site I’m in faces south, so the passenger’s side has the full afternoon sun.  Since I’m no longer in the mountains, I’m enjoying (?)the heat wave the rest of the country has been suffering.  So, I decided to deploy my automatic awning.  Ha!  The motor ran, but the awning was hung up on one side and wouldn’t come out.  So, after six hours with the AC on full tilt, it has now gotten down to a chilly 82* inside the rig.  :(  Of course, one of the reasons I’m here is to go to the Camping World store in Boise to buy a ladder so I can test it out by climbing up to the top and seeing if I can figure out what the hang up is.


Next, I unpacked the laptop, and hooked up the air card.  Nope, not a strong enough signal to get online.  Alrighty then, who knows when I’ll get this post published.  I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish hooking up the trucker’s antenna and Wilson amplifier in this new rig.  It was an easy do in the old rig, but will be a challenge now.  I tried to start working on a fix, but the heat just did me in quickly.  If it cools off tonight before dark, I may give it another try.  :(


At this point, posting pictures is out of the question.  There’s also another glitch in getting my license plates, but I’m hoping to take care of that tomorrow.


Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Welcome to the flying door club! We're having the same problem lately! Hope you get your challenges resolved soon. There's always somethin'!

  2. Hang in there, it seems there is always something. At least you got a good rate for the week and can get resolve for the bumps.
    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri

  3. the open door issue seems to be a problem this week!!..good luck with the awning!!

  4. I was under the impression that Passport America parks were all close to the interstate. Most of the PA parks are mediochre, except Village of Trees in Declo, Idaho, just off the interstate. It is a beautiful place, long pull through sites, wonderful owners and staff, and is situated on a beautiful wide stretch of the Snake River.

    I hope you get your tags soon - it will be time to renew before you know it!

  5. Since the thought is that these things come in three's -you should be good for awhile now!

    Have fun while there and let us know about Boise, as we are planning on going there in a week or so.

  6. That's a fair amount of issues that you are dealing with right now, Judy. Keep your spirits up--things will get better!

    We've had problems with the basement door of the propane tank flying open. By law, it's not lockable, so it continues to be a problem. I think Dave has it fixed now--we'll see. Of course it never happens until we are moving down the road!

  7. Glad you didn't lose anything out of the opened door. We have little RV Gremlins running around in our home on wheels too.

    I forgot to answer your question yesterday. No, the header picture is from my sample pictures that came with my new computer system, I didn't take it.

    Stay safe

  8. You are one heck of a woman in my book...I would be curled up in the fetal position on the floor of the camper....Sounds like you have a handle of the glitches...What is life without them, eh?? KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON GIRLFRIEND!!!