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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jamesport, MO, and an unexpected phone call

I headed out this morning for a day trip to Jamesport, MO, a community surrounded by Amish farms. The town itself is very small and not exactly prospering. I walked up and down Broadway, but didn't go into any businesses since they were mostly antique places, and I don't have any interest in those kinds of places. I did pick up a map at City Hall and decided to visit a few of the businesses scattered about the area.

First stop was the Sherwood Quilts and Crafts shop. I was sorely tempted to purchase a hand sewn quilt for my bed. They are expensive, but I just may have to return to this shop before I leave the area. The quilts are hand sewn by Amish ladies that have exceptional sewing skills. I know I'll never sew one myself, and I really would like to replace the bedspread that came with the motorhome. I almost bought an Amish quilt two years ago when I was in the Amish country in Indiana. I'm thinking I'll go back there in two weeks...I've got to do some measuring first.

Next stop was the Homestead Creamery. This is an Amish family, with ten children (eight girls and two boys), that produces a variety of cheeses made from the raw milk of their Jersey cows. All of the kids work on the farm and the older ones work in the cheese producing process. They have free samples of all their cheeses, which I appreciated. Some of their varieties sounded great, but I'm glad I could try them first. Doesn't apple smoked cheese sound great? Well, all I could taste was the smoke which I am not fond of. After tasting, I bought some garden dill and golden glow cheese. I'm going to serve these cheeses on crackers when I meet my sister and b-i-l in Hannibal next week.

From there, I drove to the H&M Country Store. This store has all manner of spices and seasonings in bulk. I bought some fresh tomatoes, peppermint sticks, white kernel popcorn, and marinated mushrooms. Next door was the Countryside Bakery where I purchased two loaves of bread. I guess this was pretty much a culinary outing.

When I got back to Swan Lake, there was a message on my phone. It turns out that the Corps of Engineers' Park that I was going to camp host at later this year has received some funding to upgrade the campground, so it will be closed all fall and winter. So much for that assignment! Now I'll be looking to find another position for October-December. I'm looking into some other opportunities in Louisiana, but if they don't pan out, I'll go back to my other plan to visit New Mexico and Arizona. Interesting possibilities no matter what happens.........

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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