Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hitch Itch!

Hitch itch is what fulltimers get when they've been in one place long enough. Well, I've got it bad. I've got a little over two weeks left at Swan Lake NWR, and I'm anxious to be gone. I have to admit (as I think I have mentioned before) that this is the most boring volunteer assignment I've had in the 14 places I've volunteered. There is not enough to do, and I can honestly say that I haven't learned anything new. One of my goals with volunteering is to continue to learn. Well, that hasn't happened here, so I'll be happy to move on down the road.

Happily, I'll take off on Monday to meet my sister and brother-in-law at a Corps of Engineer Park near Hannibal, MO. I'm heading out on Monday morning, getting the oil changed on the RV, and setting up at the campground for five nights. I know we'll have a good time sightseeing and sharing meals back at the rigs. I do enjoy being a tourist with Pam and Stan!

There's nothing new on the volunteering front for early winter, so I'm thinking I'll just take it as it comes....something new for me.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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