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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday's Blast from the Past...

On Halloween Day in 2006, I arrived at Fort Flaggler State Park on the Puget Sound, in the state of Washington, for a four week volunteer stint.

Fort Flagler was established, in the days before airplanes, along with two other forts, to protect the entrance to the Puget Sound. There were huge bunkers with large guns to provide crossfire in the protection of the sound.

This was the view out the front windows of the rig. The deer were plentiful and quite tame. They are grazing on the parade grounds of the fort, with the Puget sound in the back.
Just to the left of the parade grounds were the barracks. They are now used to house groups that can rent them for a retreat.

The Quartermaster's house and storage area have been turned into a museum and visitor's center. I spent weekends working there. Notice the officer's quarters in the background. These residences are also available for rent.
Fort Flagler was used by the army through WWII, mostly as a training facility. I thought the pay scales were interesting.
When I signed up for this assignment, I was told that the weather in November would be mild. Of course that's not the way it turned out. It was cold, wet, and the winds were unbelievable. There was one day that the winds were so strong that I couldn't push my door open to get out of the rig!
As Thanksgiving passed, I packed up and planned to head to my next commitment. So much for plans...
A winter storm hit which resulted in two inches of ice topped with blowing snow. Some of the drifts were four feet deep. I was stuck for three days with a frozen water pipe before the roads were drivable once again. You can see that the snow didn't stop the locals from enjoying the parade grounds. They just moved their surf boards up on ground and snow kited!
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