Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Mattress, a Metamorphosis, and a Malt

Back when my friend, GYPSY, was fulltiming, I believe she posted one time about how she slept on one side of her bed for a while, and then switched to the other side for a while so she didn’t have to wash her sheets so often.  I thought this was a brilliant idea for a solo traveler.  Quite a while back, I gave that idea a try.  It turned out it just didn’t work for me.  There’s a certain side of the bed I like to sleep on in this rig.  I found myself just rolling back to my favorite side during the night.  The result is that I’ve noticed my preferred side of the mattress has become lower than the other side.  Early this morning, I decided to remedy that situation by turning the mattress 180 degrees.

Easier said than done in the confined space of the rig bedroom.  Do you remember the Keystone Cops from way back when?  Well, that’s what it was like for me this morning, only there was only one cop!  There’s a nice amount of space on one side of the bed, but the other side is a little tight for a healthy girl.  The mattress isn’t exactly light, and I had to move it a little, reposition myself, crawl across the top to the other side, and then I got pinned for a while against the window.  At one point, I wasn’t sure I could do this, but I finally won the mattress war.  What a workout!  Tonight, I’ll be like the Princess and the Pea ( without the pea). 


Up next on the agenda was to go to Robyn’s to do my laundry.  When I got there, one of the monarchs had just emerged out of it’s chrysalis.


There are still two more hanging,

IMG_3101 IMG_3103

and one just morphing into a chrysalis.  It didn’t take long for that “J” shaped caterpillar to change into a chrysalis.  We’ve got all the stages there except the egg.

IMG_3117 IMG_3118

We took the newly emerged butterfly outdoors and determined that it was a male.  See those two black dots in the orange of the lower wings?  That’s what tells you it’s a male. 


Robyn tried to entice each of the grandgirls to let the butterfly perch on their finger.  They were excited, but..

IMG_3119 IMG_3108

at the last second, each of them decided otherwise.

After the girls had their lunch, we headed out to the grocery store and the pet store to get Emma a new leash.  Along the way, we stopped for lunch for Robyn and I at Schoop’s Hamburger joint.

photo 4 3

Phoebe sat next to me, and had her first try at onion rings.  That little girl will try anything.  Avery was quite happy with some fries and a strawberry shake.

photoI leave you tonight with ‘Belt’ and ‘Buckle’ sharing a chocolate malt.  You’ve got to love a little kid that helps you eat your onion rings and chocolate malt…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. You are the best grandma ever!!!

  2. We have a custom made mattress in our Casita. I "fully" understand what you went through turning your mattress. Just flipped ours on Friday. It has to be turned over in its existing space.
    Great that you had time with the grands. Our only grandchild celebrated her 17th birthday, today. I think we're getting old!!!

  3. what an adorable photo of you and your granddaughter! The girls are so cute-- nice you were able to spend the whole summer with them!

  4. I have almost as much trouble turning the mattress of my queen bed here at home. I've given up on "flipping" it (bottom side up); I just can't do that any more. So until I have someone to help me, I'll make do with the rugged 180° turns.

    I swear, those two little girls are just beautiful! I want some onion rings!

  5. adorable photo at the end!..love it!!!..one malt and a side of rings please!..and by the way..my mattress needs turning!

  6. What an entertaining post...loved every bit of it. Now that you have your mattress turned, I'm wondering if your body will want to roll over to the "other" side of the bed where the indentations fit just perfectly!

    Those a sure some sweet grand girls. And what a terrific idea to hatch the butterflies. Cool beans, Grandma!!

  7. Such cute girls. You can tell she really likes french fries.

    Turning the mattress was a real workout. With the sleep number in ours, that can be avoided.

  8. love it, just love it... i'm about to need a "grand" time... it's been a long while!

    you don't know what my butterflies were, do you?

  9. Phoebe is going to be and adventurer just like Grandma. Those kids have a much easier time in life, I think, except for the injuries some of them collect.

    My grandson is the opposite. I have to encourage him to try almost anything. I even had to teach him the job of kicking through mud puddles.

  10. We turn ours 180 every 2 weeks in the Hiker..We cannot flip it over, it's a pillow top, but we do flip our mattress in our house bedroom...Doing the turning alone??? I wish there was a video of that!!!! Love the sharing of a malt and the "fun" in your eyes, Grama!

  11. Precious picture of you two... Looks like a great day and for sure you'll sleep well after wrestling the matress and spending time with the kids...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  12. Flipping a mattress is no easy task ... that you managed to do so in a tight spot and by yourself is quite the achievement. Now, let's see if you can stay on your "new side."

  13. I, too, like MY side of the mattress. But turn it by myself. Probably wouldn't happen. Loved the pictures of the grands.

  14. Kudos to you for flipping the mattress by yourself! That's a tough job for 2 people in an RV! :)

    I loved the Monarch emerging from his cocoon pics! They are one of Nature's prettiest sights! Amazing how it takes 3 generations to make the migration!

    Fun little girls to share lunch with!

  15. What pretty grandgirls! And sharing a shake sounds like fun -- not happening with our growing grandsons... Lucky there's any food left for us when they're around! lol

    Thanks for the reminder to flip the mattress... Probably time to try that fun task...

  16. Golly, we haven't turned our RV mattress for ages, and it certainly needs it. And the one back in Benson could use it too. Maybe some kind leprechaun will flip it for us while we are still in Nevada! Have to agree about that last picture -- what a great shot of a pair of young kids sharing a shake!

  17. Love the milkshake pic!

    Not sure how you managed to turn the mattress over by yourself - that's a tough job!

  18. A friend taught us, "spin in the spring, flip in the fall." But we certainly don't follow that schedule. Maybe we would sleep better if we did, though.

  19. What a neat way for the girls to see nature at work. Too bad they were afraid to hold the butterfly, but they'll always remember how it came to be.

    Nice picture of the two of your sharing that shake, grandkids are so much fun!

  20. The last photo is sure a "keeper" with grandma sharing her shake. The color in the giraffe was amazing. That was fun getting to see the butterfly process - the kids will remember this for a long time. Wish someone had been there to take a video of you and the mattress adventure - too funny.