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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adler Planetarium

A couple of days ago, I called my sister, Pam, and asked her if she’d like to change our planned trip for today.  Instead of going to the Chicago Botanical Garden, we met at the Adler Planetarium.  Robyn was able to come also since she could postpone her life vest appointments until the afternoon.  The grandgirls just aren’t old enough for this kind of outing, so they spent the day at the day care place.

Robyn had stayed over last night, and we had a great time chit chatting without two little ones running us ragged.  She left the rig first thing this morning so she could stop at home before I followed to her house so we could travel together.


If you’ve been to Chicago, you know that many of the museums and such are located right along the Lake Michigan shoreline. 


                                                            That’s Copernicus, of course. 

I haven’t been to the Planetarium since I was a kid.  The inside has changed a lot, even though the outside still looked the same to me.  I knew Pam wanted to see the new “Deep Space Adventure” show, but what I didn’t know was that she is a member of the planetarium and had some free passes for Robyn and me. 


What that pass meant was it saved each of us $28 for admission and two shows.  Considering it cost $16 just to park the car, I was thrilled.  I guess, sometimes, it’s worth having an older sister.  Winking smile

_MG_3084 _MG_3089

There really wasn’t much inside that lead itself to taking pictures of other than these two space travelers.  I twisted Robyn’s arm into putting her face into one of the kid’s displays…she’s still my kid, you know.

The Deep Space Adventure was not at all what I expected.  It is hard to describe.  When I was a kid, you went into the domed auditorium and gazed up at a 360* dome of the night sky and learned about the constellations.  This program today was a totally different experience, and brought to mind all the advances in movie technology.  At one point, I had to close my eyes because I was feeling a little dizzy from all the things whirling around me.  It was more of a production than a learning experience for me.  I enjoyed it, but left a little bit bewildered by the experience. 

IMG_3081Luckily, we arrived a little before Pam did, and I was able to get a much closer shot of the Chicago skyline than I was able to do yesterday.

IMG_3077 IMG_3078

As you can tell, the skies were very overcast, and the rains began as soon as we got inside the planetarium.  The rains continued for the rest of the day, and have only now taken a break.  More storms are forecasted for tonight.  Had the weather been better, I sure would have liked to go over to Buckingham Fountain and Grant Park for some pictures.  Guess I’ll have to do that on some future visit.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. You mean they don't show you anything about the constellations now? Was that planetarium in "Rebel Without a Cause"? It's been so many years since I've seen that movie, but I think Sal Mineo died there (in the movie). Glad you had a nice day out.

  2. Oh yea, we had major rains here today...Chicago does have a great skyline...but today, not so much...Buckingham fountain is a great place for a picture, but today was a very gloomy day...I really have to say that the Chicago skyline is very beautiful..but ya gotta catch it just right...

  3. We passed on the Planetarium when we were there. Now I think that was a mistake.

    I was a bit dizzy myself reading this post. I was confused by the lack of bird pictures:)

  4. I wonder if there is still a star show in the planetarium at some other time? I love that Chicago shoreline, have only seen in once back in the late 80's when we visited the aquarium with friends who live in Elmhurst. It's truly an interesting city.

  5. Well, personally, I think you got a great skyline shot!!

    Sounds like a great girls day too! My older sister was in the earthquake today in Maryland! Scared the stuff out of her!!!

  6. Haven't been to a planetarium for many, many years so like you, it would probably be a little disconcerting. I may have to check one out somewhere along the trail.

  7. I do OK in the planetariums, but I have a hard time with IMAX or 3-D movies. When we went to se Avatar as a 3 -D movie Craig wanted to sit up close. As soon as things started moving I was almost sick. I found I was OK when I moved as far back as I could get.

    He has no problem.

  8. Ain't technology grand? It can teach you about the wonders of the universe and make you sick at the same time.

    What'll they think of next? ;c)

  9. Thanks for the tour, that's as close as I want to get to downtown Chicago, The last time I was there it was with the motor coach, Chicago is a bus drivers worst nightmare, cops after everything you do and no parking. In St Louis if you have one of those real tight downtown turns, a Motor Cop will look out for you and stop traffic to get you through. In Chicago they scream at you and threaten you with a ticket. Different cultures I guess. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  10. It is always nice to have a girls day out and no better place for that then Chicago. One of my favorite cities once the car is parked.

  11. Looked like a fun visit to the planetarium. Great shots of the Chicago skyline too!

  12. What a nice day with your girls... I can't think of anything better!!!! Great photos ~
    Have fun

  13. Yes, that was a day for a planetarium not a garden. The plants may need the rain but we humans don't. :)

    I haven't been to the Chicago Planetarium in years either but we were last at the lakefront in Chicago about three years ago when we started our drive of Historic Route 66 there. Fortunately we had a much smaller RV then so were actually able to park on the street downtown to go to breakfast in a restaurant that predates Route 66. A great beginning to a great trip.

  14. Chicago is such a great city. Looks like a great day.

  15. I haven't been to the planetarium since I was a little kid. After thought about the Sears Tower, it must have been the lens in the other picture. Do they still have the Culture Buses that you can get on and off for one price with the bus drivers giving the history of the different parts of the city. I used to take the kids on Sundays when I lived there.